sinus congestion

Symptoms and remedies of nasal congestion

One of the most common complications caused by allergy affects the nose, in the form of nasal allergy. You may be a victim of the ailment, and if you frequently suffer from it, you would definitely realize the problems caused by it. There are several causes of allergy and the victim often does not know what to do when they suffer from the problems. The most common causes of nasal allergy lie in the contamination due to the exposure to dust, pollen grains and other elements hampering the body system. However, there is little to worry about. Here are some of the most common signs of nasal congestion as well as the remedies are given for your benefit.

Symptoms and remedies to nasal congestion

  1. Running nose: A running nose is one of the most common symptoms of nasal allergy. One may have running noses very often, and the root may be an allergy. This is indeed irritating and causes a lot of sufferings.

What to do?

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to detect the cause of the suffering. Once you consult the doctors and get to know that this is due to allergy, you need to avoid exposure to dust or pollen grains. You may be a victim of allergy during seasonal changes as well. You also need to avoid being in contact with pets like dogs or cats, in case they sniff you and take care to wash yourself up and clean the clothes after you have played with them.

  1. Pressure from sinus: Pressure from sinus is another cause leading to nasal congestion. Sinus is small cavities which are present behind the eyes, forehead and cheeks. This affects you when these areas grow mucus. In turn, this causes nasal congestions.

What to do when you have nasal congestion?

You can visit an allergy clinic and in consultation with the allergy doctor, apply a slightly moist and soft cloth on your face. You can also inhale steam to reduce the problem. Apart from this, there are several nasal sprays meant to serve this purpose and with advice from the allergy doctor, you can use them to cure the ailment.

  1. Sneezing: This is really irritating. Sometimes you keep on sneezing several times in a row, and the experience is really a nightmare.

What to do?

The best way to avoid sneezing is to keep-away from the sources of allergy and keep away the things that causes allergy. You can also use counter antihistamine

In this case, you need to read the pros and cons on the label carefully before using them.

  1. Mucus: You often tend to swallow the mucus which is really not the right way to treat the problem. Mucus is one of the chief indicators of nasal allergy and the more you need get rid of them, the better it is.

What to do?

The simplest way is to throw out the mucus out of the body each time they turn up.

All these will enable you to cope up with one of the most common problems that threaten to hamper your health.

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