What You Don't Know About Keratin Treatment?

If you are planning on getting a keratin treatment by hair stylist, you have to consider some things first. It is a process which reduces frizz from your hair and makes them straight temporarily.

About Keratin treatment:

  1. It Does Not Defrizz Your Hair

Even if you are getting a treatment at Brazilian keratin salon, it will not completely eliminate the frizz. Although it will smoothen your hair. Keratin itself does not reduce frizz, it's just marketing term. The whole procedure involves other chemicals to smoothen hair.

  1. It Is Not Formaldehyde Free

No hair treatment will directly mention that it contains formaldehyde. But they contain other ingredients that released formaldehyde when they are heated or mixed with water. Even if your hair stylist says that the keratin treatment is free of formaldehyde, it will not be true.

  1. It Will Damage Your Hair

Although the amount of formaldehyde present in keratin treatment is very less as compared to other treatments, it is still present. It will damage your hair, but not as much as other treatments. So, do not think that your treatment from Brazilian hair salon will not affect your hair.

  1. You Will Have to Switch Your Shampoo Afterward

After getting a keratin treatment by hair stylist, you will have to change your shampoo. You do not necessarily have to buy your salon's shampoo. There are many others available on the market. You just have to pick any sulfate free shampoo to provide the extra care to your hair.

  1. There Are Other Alternatives

There are other alternatives to a keratin treatment. You can get almost the similar results at home, but they will not last as long as keratin. You can try Loreal or Tresemme for their temporary keratin treatments which you can do at home.

  1. You Cannot Do It More Than 3 Times a Year

You cannot do a hair smoothing treatment more than 3 times a year. Even with Keratin, your hair will gradually become prone to breakage. Having this treatment more than 3 times in a year can severely damage your hair. The level of damage will increase every time.

  1. You Cannot Use A Clarifying Shampoo Afterward

You can use a clarifying shampoo before getting a keratin treatment. It will remove residues from your hair and help absorb keratin faster. But if you use it after getting a treatment, it can strip away layers of Keratin. It has very deep cleansing properties, so you have to wait at least three weeks after your treatment and can use this shampoo once a week.

  1. You Cannot Wash Very Frequently

The treatment that you get from a Brazilian keratin salon is semi-permanent. It means that it will wash away with time. If you want to maintain it for a longer time, you have to reduce frequent hair wash. You can use dry shampoo when you cannot wash your hair. If you wash your hair every day, the keratin will not last very long.

  1. Do Not Tie Up Your Hair Frequently

It is better if you let your hair down more frequently after getting a keratin treatment. If you tie them up in ponytail or updos, you will need extra accessories to hold up your hair. Those accessories can leave dents and lines of demarcation in your hair. It is better to let your hair down without using any headband or scrunchie.

  1. You Have to Avoid Swimming

You have to be very careful for the first month. You have to avoid swimming in pools because the chlorine will damage your hair. It can even disintegrate the layers of Keratin. In this way the treatment will wash away soon.

  1. Do Not Use Clips After a Keratin Treatment by Hair Stylist

After getting a treatment from a Brazilian keratin salon rockville, you have to be very careful about your new hair. If you frequently use clips or barrettes, they will leave a dent in your hair. They can also break your hair if they are too tight. Similarly, you cannot tuck your hair behind your ears as it will create unwanted creases which can only be eliminated with heat. You also cannot use your sunglasses to hold back your hair.

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