Human Hair Extensions – What’s The Right One for You?

Are you planning to buy hair extensions, yet you want to ensure that you are getting the right type of hair suited for you? You might want to consider human hair extensions to achieve the natural look.

Many women want something that would blend in with their natural hair. If you aren’t sure where to begin because of the different stores offering a variety of hair extensions, here are the things you should know.

First and foremost, there are several kinds of human hair extensions. It is crucial to know that there are some extensions claim to be human, but the truth is that they aren’t pure. Several hair extension companies combine in synthetic hair or animal hair to save some money. See to it that you’re searching for a reliable company that the sources hair organically and carries only topnotch quality hair.

Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Virgin hair is said to be a high quality human hair extensions you can purchase. Virgin hair extensions are a hundred percent real human hair without any chemical alteration. It also happens to be the costliest hair as it lasts longer than remy hair extensions. The reason behind why it’s called virgin is that it wasn’t processed chemically. Usually, the hair used for these hair extensions are from younger women with healthy hair.

Non-Remy Hair Extensions

These are sometimes labeled as remy, yet never be fooled because these are low quality hair extensions. Once you washed them for several times, you will notice tangling, shedding, and matting. Due to this, non-remy hair extensions are often used temporarily hair as they won’t tolerate heat or coloring either.

Remy Human Hair Extensions

These are the most famous human hair extensions due to their price and quality. The hair may last up to a year. If you don’t know about remy hair, this means that every cuticle of the hair is intact and the hair runs in one direction at the time it was collected. It also means that there’s no tangling or matting must be done properly.

Choosing what’s right for you may depend on what you really prefer or need. There are other things you should also consider like the price and purpose. So, whenever you are looking for human hair extensions, know your needs and make sure that you purchase them from a reliable store.

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