Should I Add A Patio And Deck Combination To My Backyard

The landscape design industry has gone through lots of changes in the recent years. Homeowners add features like water features, deck, outdoor lighting, patio, sound systems, outdoor kitchen and what not to their property with the help of masonry contractors and others.

No matter how much the landscape industry has changed over time, decks have remained constant. Decks are actually one of the most commonly added things in every landscape design.

However, this isn’t surprising at all, as all the houses are made a couple of feet above the ground, and that is why the residents need a deck to easily move between their house and the surrounding ground. Many home builders even include decks as a part of the overall house construction project, but the decks they provide are optimized to save money, and don’t fit the needs of many homeowners.

You can also add a deck in your project because of the design potential they have. Many types of designs, curves and angles that are often difficult to make with usual landscape materials can easily be executed when you’re making a deck design. But keep in mind that you’ll have to pay the price for premium materials.

Decks Are Bang For The Buck

Decks can usually be a bit expensive to build as compared to some other outdoor surfacing options. There are actually lots of different options to choose from depending on your budget. These decks can start at around $35 per square foot and can go up to $50 per square foot or even more depending on the type of materials and the design you choose. Since many homeowners don’t have an unlimited budget, contractors have to consider their design choices very carefully depending on the budget their clients mention.

Deck Patio Combo

Many designers prefer incorporating a brick, stone, concrete paver, or poured concrete patio into the deck design. This allows the contractor to provide you with large entertainment spaces and use interesting deck and patio design options while saving a lot of money. Patios only cost half as much as a comparable deck. Their prices range from $12 to $22 per square foot. This price is only true if the patio is at ground level. An elevated patio can easily reach the price of a deck.

So, you can incorporate a patio and a deck in one project to have the best of both worlds while also saving some money by hiring a deck contactor Port Jefferson. The deck surface can be used to walk on, and can also be used as an entertainment place to grill and read the newspaper in your leisure time. The patio will also add to the wide area you will have outside your house to entertain you and your family in free time.

Deck Patio Combo Is Usually A Practical Solution

Even though many landscaping don’t add a deck to their priority list, it is usually considered as a practical solution. This is especially true in the northeastern areas where people have to deal with heavy snowfall in the winter season. So, the contractors in these areas like to make a small grilling terrace for their clients which is about the same height from the ground as their house. This way, they can quickly have some fun outdoors and easily move the equipment inside (due to the level surface) whenever they are done with their little party.

Deck patio combo is a great thing to have on your property. Contractors, when making these patios, like to blur the line that separates the two surfaces. Lots of features can also be added to these combos for the best results such as an outdoor brick barbeque. In fact, here are some others features that every homeowner needs in his patio and deck combo.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are usually added to these patios mostly and also to the deck patio combo. After all, roaring fire looks really appealing to everyone living in a cold area. But making a fire pit on a wooden deck is impossible. That is why you can choose any of the best designs to incorporate a fire pit into your patio.

Hot Tubs

Another luxury feature that people want to add to their outdoor spaces is hot tubs. These tubes can be really heavy. These tubs can’t sit firmly on a wooden deck because of their heavy weight, and will surely need some sort of reinforcement to fit perfectly in space. That is why sitting the hot tub on a hard surface is the best solution.

Conclusively, if you can’t decide between a deck and patio, you can consider getting both. Contact a backyard patio builder to know the cost.

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