How Do I Renovate My Bathroom Without Removing Tiles

Renovations can be hard and are also quite time-consuming. Not to mention, they also cost a lot of money. Here is everything you need to know about bathroom remodeling without removing the tiles.

Ditch The Tiles Altogether

If you don’t want to bother with tiles at all, then you can ditch them altogether. Tile-less bathrooms are a great way to modernize your space, without making it look incomplete/ unappealing.

You can substitute the tiles for something else, like stone floors, wallpaper, or better, vinyl or fake tiles, which mimic the real deal. This is going to make your bathroom look amazing and you won’t even miss the tiles or their look. This also costs you a lot less and there is less trouble removing them.

Protect The Tiles When Renovating

If you are deciding to renovate or upgrade your bathroom, but the tiles are in perfect condition, then there is no need to remove them. But you do need to protect the walls with something, otherwise, the tiles might get damaged during the process of upgrading.

Make sure that you sort things out with the contractor that you wish to keep the tiles and you want to keep them safe and unharmed during the process. They will do everything to keep the tiles safe, like putting protective plastic on them or draping the walls in a layer of a sheet, which will be enough to protect the sheets during the renovation.

Focus On The Shower Cubicle

If you want to make your bathroom look good as new, but don’t want to touch the tiles, then you might feel like there isn’t a lot that you can do. Well, you’re wrong over there. You can focus on other things in the bathroom to modernize the whole space and make it look brand new.

Try to upgrade the whole shower. This is going to change the whole look of the bathroom and your whole space will look amazing. You can go for a complete shower upgrade, like adding a glass cubicle to it, or even add a bathtub, if you have the space.

Get Creative With Your Bathroom Décor

If you want to jazz up your bathroom a bit, then try playing with different décor. Make your bathroom look like a luxurious spa. You can add small knick-knacks like a towel dryer, a rack for miscellaneous things, small succulents here and there, and other types of décor items, to make the bathroom look different.

These things are going to help pull the focus away from the tiles, which haven’t been renovated or replaced and the rest of the bathroom will be in the spotlight. This is a great trick for renovating your bathroom when you’re on a budget too.

Fixtures And Faucets

Another thing you can focus on renovating, which is going to make your bathroom look new, without having to remove the tiles is the bathroom faucets, taps, and other fixtures. Fix the lighting or add new and sleek lighting to give more character to your bathroom. Change up the taps and faucets and go for something modern and minimal.

These small changes may look insignificant, but they will transform your bathroom and make it look better. Renovation is not about drastic changes. Sometimes, even the smallest of things can change the whole layout.

Make The Space Illuminated

Last but not least, lighting can make a lot of difference when it comes to making your bathroom look amazing. Try to ensure that there is an abundance of natural light in your bathroom. This is going to make your space look illuminated and large, so it’s great if you have a smaller bathroom and want to give an illusion of a bigger one.

It’s also a great thing if your existing tiles are light in color because this is going to amplify the intensity of natural light coming into the bathroom.


There you have it! Removing tiles is nothing less than a pain in the neck and now you can easily renovate or upgrade your bathroom without having to go through all this trouble. Hire bathroom remodel contractors who can upgrade the bathroom without removing the tiles and as you want. abbro

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