Water heater repair is an essential task but sometimes it is difficult to fix. When it heats the water slowly or if it does not deliver the results as expected then the heating elements might be damaged. These parts can be replaced by normal person but experts can do them even better.

Turn off the power while testing heater

One must check for the heating elements and remove them if it is damaged. Then install the new one and test the heater. Generally, water heaters have long life span but if it is too old then it is suggested to replace than repair. Any person must check the circuit before checking for any other part. Then check for the reset button and press that. By resetting the circuit breaker or temperature cutoff the issues may be resolved sometimes. Then the heating elements will be checked. If a technical is hired, they know all parts well so they can easily spot the defect. If the heating elements are in a good condition, then the problem may be with the thermostat or even with the cutoff switch. The testing of the elements will be difficult and a bit risky, but can be performed by any one. First the cover plates must be removed and make sure to turnoff the power. Anyone can replace the heating elements but the power supply must be shut. Look for the circuit breaker and fix them and test if the heater is functioning.

Steamers for cooking in huge quantity

In many commercial kitchens vegetables have to be cooked in large quantities so they use commercial steamers. Steamer is designed to cook rice and it can be used for steaming any other foods. Steamers generally have heating elements and few have thermostat as well. Many commercial steamers have timer which turns off after steaming. When the steamer does not function, then there may be fault with the electric cord, heating element, and resistor. To identify the defect, first one must test the electric cord with the help of multi-meter. If it’s showing reading then the cord is functioning and need not be replaced. Then test for the heating element and if it does not function its best to replace the steamer. Sometimes heating elements may be functioning, then check for the resistor test and if it fails, replace the resistor or go for a new steamer. A commercial steamer can be repaired with the help of a Screwdriver, wrench, multi-meter and cleaner. Commercial steamer repair can be done with ease if a person has minimum knowledge and can be fixed soon.


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