First choice for eye skin care on plane

With the economic development and upturn living standards, frequent travel and tourism have become a lifestyle for people with higher standard of living. After long flights, people feel exhausted and their skin loses elasticity and eyes get tired. Plus the exceptionally dry air inside the aircraft, you can easily observe that most people’s skin around the eyes gets dehydrated. So, is there an easy to use eye skin care product which also has outstanding effects?

The answer is - Yes! VIIcode series was known for its eye treatment and ability to boost the oxygen absorption of cells. Another feature of this product is its unique gel cream. Different from regular eye masks which have 15 to 20 minutes of temporary nutritional supplements, it has no more than 8 hours of concentrated nourishment, helping skin hold in moisture and survive the long hours in flight. A lot of you must be wondering – Wouldn’t the mask reabsorb the water off your skin with 8 hours of treatment? No. It won’t happen. The rich textured gel will be absorbed, and to a certain level, it will then start falling off. Simply remove the sheet if it still stays on your skin. At this moment, you will feel the hydrated and luminous skin and the reduced appearance of wrinkles!

Customer experience: The cream-gel textured mask contains unique core elements – oxygen plant extracts. It covers lower eyelids and the outer corner of the eyes where you see wrinkles more often. The mask can be attached perfect to your skin, no need to worry about it slipping off. I put the mask on for 7 hours on plane during my travel in August. It’s enough time for concentrated eye treatment without having reabsorption. I took the mask off right before landing and compared the before and after thickness of the gel. My skin absorbed most of the gel, leaving it a really thin layer. Lines on the corner of my left eye were like ironed! The tightening and wrinkle smoothing effects are more obvious than eye creams. Perfect eye skin care product for long-haul flights!

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