How To Build Outdoor Brick Barbeque?

You have two options – either hire a masonry contractor or get yourself to work. Everyone loves the idea of having an outdoor place where you can grill your barbecue, however it is not all easy as it sounds. You’re going to put a lot of hard work.

Tools and Materials Needed

You are going to need the following materials if you are serious about it.

  • Hoe
  • Cold chisel
  • Gravel
  • Mortar
  • 4’ level
  • Metallic barbecue grates


Use metallic grates as a scale and determine how much size would need for your outdoor brick barbeque. Mark the area to begin the excavation by eight inches. Masonry contractors recommend to for about three inches and level it with tamper.

Dry bricks and set them up in mortar. (TIP: Hose the bricks with water for about half an hour before dry fitting. This prevents them from saturated moisture from mortar.)

Lay the bricks on concrete slabs. Make sure to leave a half inch gap between bricks. Make the laying a perfect square.

Lay off the excess mortar paste. Continue laying off the bricks until making a formidable first base of your barbecue arena. Be sure to double check the levelling of bricks being straight and perfectly forming a square.

Continue same as before. Only keep one thing in mind. The other two courses of laying bricks will be built on outside and rear walls. A cold chisel maybe required to perfectly fit the bricks. Continue laying off the bricks till the completion of multiple courses.

The 4th course will act as a grill grate supporting ledges. Addition of a few dissimilar heights let the different heating temperaments of cooking barbecue. Solid bricks must be used to lay the top course.

After the final course of laying bricks but before the mortar paste has dried, use a jointer to strike the joints, in order to create a curved in dejection in mortar. Once a cement has dried, use a rigid disagreement to rub off enduring bits of field gun

Well…This was the guide to make your own outdoor brick barbeque. Some of you may try this, but it is highly recommended to avail the services of a professional masonry contractor. LaGrass

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