Tree Trimming: When Should You Do It?

Trees make property beautiful. Two or more trees planted closely create ambiance. But, tree trimming is essential for protecting trees as well as your home. Trees are required to be trimmed on the regular basis. Dead and overgrown branches of trees should be trimmed so that trees can remain healthy.

Importance of tree trimming

Tree trimming is a mandatory yard maintenance task. Timely trimming provide many benefits, including:

Safety: During tree trimming, the tree branches are removed that can damage your property or injure people. If hanging tree branches fall and injure people, they can bring lawsuit against you.

Health: Tree trimming promotes better tree health, as dead and decay branches of trees are removed during trimming.

Aesthetics: Tree trimming can accentuate the physical appearance of trees to a great extent. Plus, fruit and flower production can be increased with regular trimming.

Tree trimming is essential for aesthetic reasons, and to ensure that trees stay strong and healthy. As per the Department of Agriculture, tree trimming task should be performed every year during dormant season. Trimming is essential for both young and established trees.

You can accomplish tree trimming task on your own as well as hire a tree company to do this job. However, before you pick tree trimming tools and began trimming your trees, it is essential to learn the basics of tree trimming or you could end up hurting yourself instead of helping trees.

When Is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

Spring and early summer is considered as the best time for tree trimming. Though tree trimming time varies according to the type of tree you are dealing with. You should not prune oak trees during April to October. On the other hand, trimming of honeylocusts should be performed during summers. Also, trees are required to be pruned differently in different seasons.

Before you start tree trimming on your own it is a good idea to consult with an tree trimming professional of your area to learn about proper manner of tree trimming, as well as tree trimming cost information. The professionals can save you from exhausting tree trimming task.

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