Why My AC Smells Bad?

Your commercial AC repairs should be made regularly to avoid any inconvenience in your experience. Coming home from a hot day and realizing there is a bad odor coming from your air conditioner is a major concern. Regularly calling local air conditioner repair services to check up on your HVAC system is essential to get rid of these odors. Here are a few reasons why your AC is giving out a bad smell.

Reasons behind bad smell coming from air conditioning unit

  1. Mildew and Mold

Mildew smells are the most common type of smell that comes out from your AC. This is caused as the condenser condenses the warm air. This air is then mixed with the dust that is present and it provides a habitat for the mold and mildew. A moldy odor means that fungus and mold have started to make your AC their home and its building up. Dirty filters can also cause a scent of mold. Replacing your air filters and scheduling a commercial AC repair to clean your air conditioner professionally is the best solution.

  1. Stinky Feet or Socks

A dirty and unmaintained air conditioner gives out different smells. One of them is the smell of dirty socks and feet. Clogged air conditioner and stagnant water often give out the bad smell in your HVAC systems and make your house stink. This issue has mostly occurred in the warmer days when ice starts to build up on the inside of your air conditioners.

  1. Fumes

The exhaust fume odor may smell very odd to you because it’s the least expected odor you can smell. Air conditioners have motors that need fluids to operate. An exhaust fume type smell means that there is a leakage in the pipes of your AC and local air conditioner repair should be scheduled immediately to have a professional resolve this issue of the issue of fume leakages.

  1. The Smell of a Cigarette

If someone smokes in your home, then you may not notice it too often, but the smell of cigarettes can get stuck into the air filters and the evaporator coil causing them to give off its smell even if there is no one around who is smoking. The air filter change is recommended to keep you from the harms of passive smoking.

  1. Burning Smell

The most dangerous smell of all is the burning smell of wires or rubber. The burning smell is caused by the overheating of the motors of your air conditioner as well as some other factors like shorted out the circuit board, wiring issue and anything that may cause a fire in your house. The burning smell or smell of gunpowder both indicate the same issue. Immediate actions are required if you smell any burning smell such as turning your HVAC unit off completely and preferably from the main breaker box. The risk is that it can start a fire through any burning wire. After taking the necessary steps, if you still smell the burning smell, contact a fire department and schedule the commercial AC repairs as soon as possible.

  1. Gas Leaks

The air conditioners require gas to operate and give out cool air in the room. Although, the gas leak is very common in air conditioners. The leak of gas called methyl mercaptan is the root cause of the skunk-like smell you may encounter. It's unbearable and you should turn off your AC and open up windows to get some ventilation. This gas may also enter your vent systems. A call to the gas company can see your gas problem to solve.

  1. Rotten Carcass Smell

The smell of rotten eggs means that there may be a dead animal in your HVAC system and ducts. The rotten smell can take over your house in a very short time so it's better to call a local air conditioner repair services immediately to remove the dead carcass. It's common for animals to take shelter in your air ducts but sometimes they couldn't get out and thus die and begin to decompose in your ducts and vents. That’s the reason your HVAC and air conditioners require constant maintenance.

If you notice any odd smell when you turn on your AC, you should schedule a commercial AC repair ronkonkoma as soon as you can to avoid any problem.

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