The Importance of Music in Your Wedding

Most of the time, when thinking about music in the wedding, the focus is normally on entertainment and the reception. Actually, music is a lot more important in the wedding compared to entertainment. The couple can get caught up in looking for a good event rental company but tend to forget that excellent music is what will get everyone moving to the groove. The music will set the mood for the day, from the wedding ceremony to the last dance of the evening. In a lot of ways, picking the wedding music is similar to landing a film or play. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose the music properly and here they are:

Event rental company

The entertainment in the wedding is what guests will mostly remember. They are not going to remember the kind of guests on the bouquet, or how many tiers the wedding cake has, or the color of the table cloth. They will remember the food, but they are going to remember the wedding band that played in your party and got everyone dancing to the awesome beat.

Wedding planning

For sure you would want music while you and your bridesmaids are having breakfast and getting ready for the ceremony. Having some fun music playing to get you into the wedding mood is excellent and that is possible if the music is great. It is fine and advised to have the cheesy and party songs during this moment. You can also ask for suggestions on what to play during this part of the wedding.

The entrance of the bride

For this part and while walking down the aisle, a distinct and separate processional piece has to be picked. If you want a traditional wedding, there are songs you can find that are very appropriate for this. Moreover, you can always choose a famous tune that represents the love you have for each other like ‘At Last’ by Etta James or something along that line.

Good music energizes the people

Awesome music gives energy to the crowd and this leads to a great party. The music is responsible for amplifying the couple’s status of being newlyweds, and this gets everyone in the mood for a celebration. Professional wedding bands are good in creating festive vibes that keeps the party joyful. They know what songs to play to get the guests to stand from their seats and on their feet until they are about to go home. So, prior to booking the wedding band, watch their live performance. See if they have enough charisma to get the people dancing.

It sets the scene

Even if you haven’t arrived at the ceremony yet, the guests and your groom will be there ahead of you. So, make sure that you think about them and have a good background music playing as you are on your way to the venue. Normally, instrumental songs are the best type of music for this part and not really something that will make your guests feel like getting up to dance in the aisle before you arrive.

Music brings people together

Weddings are large gatherings that includes friends and family from different generations and walks of life. Aside from alcohol, music is helpful in breaking social barriers among the guests and it loosens them up. Socializing with people without any background music can feel very awkward. In addition, dancing can bring strangers together. It helps the guests to meet people without going through an uncomfortable part.

Wedding conclusion music

This one comes after the recessional, while the guests are leaving the venue. Similar to the prelude music, this should be about 15 to 20 minutes to give the guests enough time to get their composure back before exiting the venue. The type of music playing should be uplifting and happy to conclude the wedding, and to prepare your guests for the reception.

So, remember that music is very important in your wedding and it should go well with everything. Moreover, staging and dance floor rental will feel more worth it if you see everyone enjoying and dancing.

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