Some facts about the 2016 presidential candidates, the republicans

It’s time of the year again when people have to cast and select a U.S presidential candidate with the help of the 2016 republican presidential polls. Of course, there are many contenders in the race, but the pivotal rivalry is between only 3 gentlemen. One is the eccentric millionaire, Donald Trump, while his main contemporary is aristocratic Ben Carson, while the other, Jeb Bush, needs no introduction.

But, if you are a member of the GOP (grand old party), and you need to cast a vote in favour of the 3 (or others), you should always have the knowledge of all the facts first. Since, the candidates are always the one who hog up all the limelight; today we are going to discuss the party itself.

That’s because if you know your party well, then you can easily vote for the best candidate so that he or she can become the spearhead of the party at the upcoming presidential elections. So, here are some facts, about the party we all love, the republicans;

The party base and foundation:

The party was most famously founded in the year 1854. The party itself was founded on the foundation of pure and absolute society and harmony based living. The party is very vocal about its religious values and is very prolific in nature. The republican ideals are based on small donations from a large number of contributors, as it does not support taking money or charity from big corporations. A large number of followers of the party also supports the judgement of the death penalty in the States, while many believe transparency is the key. As soon as the party was incepted, the party rose quickly and gathered many followers thanks to its conservative approach to the candidates and followers.

The belief of the party:

The party is quite vocal about various processes and policies that surround the daily life of the people. For example, the party has always been against the Kyoto protocol or agreement. Apart from this, the party has always been the supporter of providing the country’s States more power, rather than to the federal government. They also believe that free market and supply based economy can the help the country in large.

All of the facts above stated have been mentioned by every GOP candidate this election season. That’s why, the GOP polls this year will be all about voting for the Republican Party and its ideology, rather than the individual candidate—the way it actually should be.

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