Important requirements of good family dentistry

Children are scared about dentists and therefore taking a child to the dentist is a difficult task for the parents.  But taking a child to a dentist regularly is necessary so that they keep a good level of dental health. For making your trip to dentist easier it is advisable that you find out a family dentistry center, which is child friendly. General dentistry offer good family dentists who can help the members of a family in maintaining good oral hygiene thereby keeping their teeth in good condition throughout their life. In this article some important characteristics of good family dentists are explained.

Bedside manner

A family dentist who has great bedside manner will be the most suitable person for dealing dental problems of children. Such dentists will be able to explain to the children what they are going to do and why is it necessary without using meaningless medical jargons. They will be able to understand the anxieties and fears of the children and they will be able to handle them without any problem as they have undergone special training in this regard.


Pediatric dentists would have undergone extra training which will help them to work at ease with babies and teenagers. The children’s teeth are in the growing stage and therefore pediatric dentistry has got some differences from general dentistry. Such dentists will be able to handle children centric problems like thump sucking, pacifier use, teeth grinding etc.

Fun area for kids

It is found that many family dentistry centers are having fun waiting area intended for the kids. There will be colorful, bright toys, games and books specially intended for children in this area.  Enjoyable waiting area helps the children to visit dentists without any fear or trauma.


Big dental centers provide free pre-visits for the children where they are given important lessons about the necessity of oral hygiene and introduction to the procedures they are going to be subjected. This session is not meant for compelling your child by scaring but for prompting him with friendly behavior.


In clinics , you will be provided with leaflets explaining the common procedures. These leaflets will give firsthand information about various dental techniques and will give you courage to undergo necessary processes like tooth whitening, implants etc. These leaflets are very important for the members of a family especially for the kids and adolescents in a family.

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