Importance of wedding chair covers in a wedding reception

Wedding chair covers have become a prominent factor in deciding the success of a wedding reception.  This has made chair cover rentals an unavoidable part of any wedding celebration. Let us examine some important features which have to be kept in mind while renting out wedding chair covers.

Necessity to rent wedding chair covers

The need for hiring wedding chair cover rentals is decided by the factors like the venue  of the reception and whether you are using the services of a wedding decorator or not etc. If your venue is a hall where many good wedding functions have already been carried out, then they will be having enough chair covers, which will be included in their normal hiring charges. But you will have to check and get satisfied about the quality of the chair covers provided by them as part of the normal rent. If they are of average quality and you need better quality then you will have to make separate arrangements for it. Make sure that these covers and other accessories available with the hall is matching to your theme.

If you plan to arrange a special supplier for providing tables and chairs, make sure that they will provide the linen of your choice. Also make sure that what they provide will be easily distributed in the floor of the venue you have rented out or in the tent you have erected for this purpose.

The rent for wedding chair is calculated as rate per pieces. If you want somebody to fit them they might charge extra for that. Make sure that these matters are made clear before the contract is given. If some of your friends or relatives are ready to do it considerable saving can be made in this matter.

Another thing is that some companies will provide fitting free of charge, if sufficient numbers of covers are rented. So clarify this point also before signing the agreement for table and chair covers.

Types of chair covers

Most rudimental covers are white ones that fit most standard stacking chairs.  Better chair covers like colored slashes, slashes in taffeta or organza etc can also ordered if you want to make the event more colorful.

Heavier textured materials like damask can be used to give the function a professional look. It is a bit expensive. Another important thing is that damask covers do not stretch much and so be careful whether the ones provided will be suitable for the chairs you have already rented.

Sating wrap can give a luxurious look to your reception. Chairs covered with satin are considered ultimate in sophistication and elegance. You can also opt for tent rentals md.

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