Ray ban sunglasses: the hottest trend among the celebrities

Ray ban sunglasses were the hottest accessories flaunted by celebrities of 50s and 60s and once again the retro look is back. The angular shades and wide sunglasses are popular among both men and women. These days, oversized designs are much in fashion. Polarized glasses from Ray ban features transmission axis that is vertically oriented to block the reflecting light. Such lenses are a favorite among those indulged in outdoor activities since they can fabulously eliminate glare. Those who love to go for jogging, biking, gardening; they can consider the Ray ban sunglass. It is meant perfectly for a sunny day out. Each and every lens of sunglass by Wayfarer blocks 100% UVB, UVA rays and blue rays.

Features of Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray ban glasses are the foremost choices among those who love to flaunt their styles while staying protected from the glaring rays of the sun. The lenses are weather and scratch resistant and create a great impact on the onlookers. Such glasses were given a great boost in the 1982 when Ray Ban decided to showcase the brand of sunglasses in Hollywood movies and television. In fact, a tortoise frame sunglasses may be the cool addition to your outfit to look stylish. You can see that Wayfarer sunglasses have appeared in several motion pictures like Twilight, Blue Brothers, etc. In fact, the sunglasses are a fashionable way of banning the harmful rays. Since they are modern and classy, fashion enthusiasts choose Ray Ban above every glass.

The most famous models of Ray ban

Ray ban is the best designer brand, selling various models of glasses. Have a look at the below models:

  • Ray Ban2132 and 2140 is stylish, sturdy and impressive to look at. 2132 and 2140 are the perfect fusion of contemporary and classic styles and may be worn by both sexes. This is available in plethora of shades, styles and will never move out of fashion.
  • Ray ban RB4068 is meant exclusively for females as it is stylish and hot. It is made with a greater precision to suit the dynamic fashion conscious world. It has understated appeal and thus it is every woman’s favorite.
  • RB3025 is the Aviator style, fashionable sunglasses that may be availed in various colors. If you are a quintessential classy man who loves to flaunt the unique style, you can go for it.
  • RB3362 is also termed as the cockpit glasses as it features metallic frame and may be availed in different hues.

You can use the internet to locate the nearest sunglasses store. Ray ban has the maximum fans and its sunglasses are flaunted by most of the celebrities.

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