What To Avoid After Keratin Treatment

There are certain things that you need to avoid on your hair after having Brazilian keratin treatment to maintain a good quality and health of your hair giving them a good volume as well.

Know about Brazilian keratin treatment

Let’s have a quick look at few precautions you must take to assure healthy hair,

Washing or Wetting Your Hair for First Three Days

You must avoid washing your hair or even wetting your hair slightly for at least three days after the Brazilian keratin straightening. This means no shampooing, no swimming and of course don’t try to enjoy rain (I know it sounds bad but I think the amount you paid deserves not to be wasted for rainfall which can happen tomorrow again). And it is because your hair needs to rest with the keratin applied on them and for that, they need to be left down straight, un touched and un styled just for three days and then you can enjoy any style you want.

Hair Coloring Within 3 Weeks

Of course, when you have paid this much amount for keratin treatment then you can keep your hair coloring desire on a side for a bit as well. Generally, it is advised to hair your color first and then go for keratin treatment immediately after that but if you did not do that then go for it at least three weeks after treatment. Otherwise your treatment will all go in vein and you will be left with your previous hair again very soon.

Using Normal Commercial Shampoos

Normally commercial shampoos have sodium lauryl sulfate in them which can remove the protein applied on your hair with Brazilian keratin straightening. However, there are some special designated shampoos and conditioners available in the market with micro keratin in them which boost the treatment to look fresher for a long time. Make sure to only use such hair products to last your treatment longer.

Using Pillow Covers Made of Cotton

Yes, using cotton made pillow covers are only going to harm your freshly applied treatment and nothing else. It is because when you sleep on these pillows, cotton creates friction which can greatly damage your hair treatment. It is better to use pillow covers made of silk or any other stuff which is not a derivative of cotton.

Frequent Hair Washing

Normally it is recommended to wash your hair a bit lesser than before and it is because Brazilian keratins are semi-permanent and wash away with time. If you wash your hair very frequently then you are likely to end up your treatment much earlier than it could last actually.

Rubbing Wet Hair with Towel

Normally it is very regular practice to rub our wet hair with towel to dry them but it is totally a wrong practice. Even in regular condition, it is not advised while it can badly damage your hair in case of having keratin treatment. Firstly, your keratin will be soon removed from your hair and secondly it will make creases in your hair. So, it is better not to use towel for drying your hair and let them stay open to dry themselves. But if you really want to use towel then do not rub your hair at least while you can just pat dry your hair with towel or use a hair dryer simply at lowest heat.

Using Other Hair Products

It is highly not recommended to use other hair products like hair gel, mousse or sprays for styling as Brazilian keratin does this job much better than these products. You can blow dry your hair after hair washing but using such products will reduce the life of treatment and the protein applied on your hair will just blow out sooner.

Oiling Your Hair with Heavy Oils

It is not bad to oil your hair but oiling them with heavy oils like coconut oil or similar oils will just give your hair some extra moisture resulting in a much frequent washing. It will only damage the Brazilian keratin straightening Rockville and it will not last longer. It is especially not recommended in the first month at least and still then it is advised to use light weighted keratin infusion oils.

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