How far is it wise to consider Brazilian Keratin?

The BKT or the brazilian keratin treatment is the ground breaking hair treatment. Few years back, the use of formulas for the hair treatment was the reason for concern. Certain formulas retained formaldehyde, the extremely toxic chemical which is dangerous for the health. This fear or concern is now eliminated with the coming up of reliable salons in the market that use hair treatment without the toxic compound. The salon needs to use the formaldehyde free formulas. To assure the comfort level, the treatment needs to be done in the well ventilated room and the stylist is supposed to use proper gloves and mask. This kind of hair smoothing treatment will keep your hair smooth and straight for nearly 4-5 months. Fashion conscious beings need to consider the keratin treatment only when they find reliable salons.

The plus points of Brazilian Keratin!

  • The treatment is God-send for the fairer sex since it cuts the style time dramatically on a regular basis.
  • Keratin treatment may be done on almost all kinds of hair. Even if the hair is unruly, frizz prone, shaded, you can attain smooth and direct tresses which you have craved for.
  • The hair gets nourished from the actual to tip.
  • Hair stays straight for longer spells with this treatment
  • A thorough hair cleaning procedure removes every trace of residue and grime before the keratin is poured.

The Cons!

When talking about the Keratin treatment, there is no disadvantage as such. The only problem is that the treatment is pretty lengthy. The user will not come to know about the final products used on the hair till three days when the process is completed. But then, this ensures that the hair is nourished totally. Well, a lot depends on the length of the hair. If the hair is long, the time consumed will be more.

The process of Brazilian Keratin treatment

The stylist will get rid of every trace of dirt and grime from the hair and then pour the substance. When the keratin is applied, you are not supposed to wash the hair for 72 hours. This is done to prevent any bend or kink in the hair. After 72 hours you can wash and style your hair.

Caring for your tresses will not be intimidating at all. With this hair smoothing treatment, the time required to style the hair will reduce dramatically. Some amount of blow drying and minimum styling will do. Rain, sweat and external factors will not impact your hair.

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