What are the bail bonds step by step Process?

It is vital to know how bail bonds work, as understanding the process is often beneficial when going through the bail bond process. The basic process involved in bail bonds are as follows;

  1. An arrest is made- When a suspect is arrested, they are considered to be innocent until they are proven guilty. This simply means that suspect could be released from the custody provided by paying the bail amount to the court. The bail bond system was formed for the aforesaid purpose, wherein suspect is released and also, suspect must take part in all the scheduled case hearings at the court.
  2. The police or a magistrate will fix the bail amount-Based on the crime committed; bail amount will be set by either police officer or a judge. Defendant must have to pay the fixed bail amounts in order to get released from the custody. Defendant can take the help from a friend or family member to find the bail bondsman. Also, that person has to cosign that a defendant will appear for all the court hearings. Suppose, if a defendant fails to do so, then the person could be liable and can also be charged for a heavy fine. Suppose, if a defendant do not have sufficient amount of cash or money to lay down for bond, he can consider using home or any other valuable asset to fund the bail bond. Availing bail bond services from a companies or bail bondsman can make the process of acquiring bail simpler and easier.
  1. Surety bail bond will be posted-Once the bail bond amount is arranged and the surety bond is signed by the person who have contacted the bail bond agent, further the bail bondsman will take the same to the judge and then on the approval of the bond, the defendant will be released from the jail and is set free to go home.
  2. The detainee should appear to the court- The defendant must appear to the court schedules or hearings. This is utmost significant, as if the detainee does not abide to the bail bond rules, the bail amount will not be reimbursed back and also, the person who signed to the surety bond will be in trouble.

The aforesaid are the fundamental step by step procedure that is usually involved in the bails bond process. The process might differ as per the rules and laws set in the different states or countries.

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