Wood Plantation Shutters

What Are The Best Ways To Clean Wood Plantation Shutters?

Wood plantation shutters are ideal for houses. They look elegant and are also easy to maintain. They can be used to keep the sun out so that fading is reduced, they can also be used to give you privacy when your windows are facing the neighbor’s houses. In winter, wooden shutters can help to insulate the rooms. Wooden shutters never go out of style. Coupled with cane furniture, they make the rooms look awesome. Just a little bit of light dusting can keep them clean and keep the grime away. They have wide, painted lower surfaces that make cleaning even easier.

Maintenance-The Best Way!

Every few weeks the shutters need to be dusted lightly with a flexible microfiber. This will slide into all the crevices easily. You can purchase different types in the market. There are disposable versions, and ones with removable and machine-washable heads. These are all excellent. They lift dirt and grime off the surface of the wood plantation shutters with ease.

Some areas may have moisture like the kitchen and bathroom. These areas may need the wet cleaning method. In kitchens, there is grease and cooking steam that settles on the shutters and it may not be that easy to get rid of. In the bathroom, the steam from showers and hairsprays may settle on the surface of the shutters. In these cases you will have to damp clean the blinds. If you have tried dusting lightly and it does not seem to help, then mix a teaspoon of dish soap in one gallon of hot water. Dip a soft clean cloth in this solution, wring it dry and use it to clean the shutters. Make sure that the wood shutters are in closed position. Clean them first on one side and then on the other. If the grime is tough, you may have to apply a little pressure. However, if you keep cleaning your shutters regularly, the grime and dust build-up will be minimum and you will not have a major problem cleaning it off. After cleaning the blinds in the closed position, open them completely and continue to clean them in the open position. Don’t forget to wipe down the top and sides of the frames as well. The cornice also needs cleaning regularly. After you have completed this process of cleaning, take a bucket of clean, hot water. Dip a fresh cloth into it, wring it dry, and re-do the entire process. Now your shutters will be absolutely clean again.

Other Cleaning Options

If you do not have so much time on your hands and still want to clean the blinds, vacuum them with the brush attachment. Vacuum the blinds from left to right and vice-versa. Do not vacuum them in the top-bottom direction.

Wipe the blinds horizontally with a dry sponge.

Spray an all-purpose cleaner into a clean dry cloth and use this to clean the blinds.

Soak some alcohol into a clean dry cloth, squeeze it and use it to clean stubborn stains. Grease disappears easily with this method.


Don’t try to take off all the blinds off when you clean them.

Never soak the blinds in water. If you must use water, a clean cloth soaked in water and wrung as dry as possible is the best option.

The best option is to clean your blinds regularly so that you don’t give the dust and grime a chance to build up. It will then be easier to knock the dust off and get rid of all the grime. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, call in a professional to clean the blinds for you.

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