How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

Cleaning your teeth at home is only a part of the successful teeth cleaning. It is recommended to visit a dentist to ensure the oral health of teeth and gums. You can visit a professional dental care services that can remove bacteria, plaque and tartar build-up which is not easy to clean yourself.

Here are the reasons, why you should have the teeth cleaned.

Prevent Gum Disease: Gum disease is caused by plaque – the sticky film filled with bacteria that sticks to the teeth. By the time, plaque builds on the teeth and becomes harder to remove. If the bacteria do not remove, it can destroy the gum tissues.

Keep Your Teeth: As gum disease grows further, plaque moves down to the root of the tooth and destroy the supporting bone. It causes the affected teeth to fall out. Gum disease is the actual cause for tooth loss, regular dental check-up and teeth cleaning has become vital to prevent from tooth loss.

Prevent Bad Breath: Bad breath causes poor oral hygiene, oral carcinomas, food stuck between teeth, periodontal disease, throat infections or unclean dentures. Keeping oral hygiene in a healthy state is essential to prevent the bad breath. Regular checkups with your dentist is only the best way to keep up good oral hygiene.

Maintain Overall Health: There is a strong connection between person’s overall health and oral health. According to recent studies, gum diseases are sometimes linked to the heart strokes. Getting the dental cleaning once in six months can keep you away from teeth and gum problems. Having the regular oral examinations, your dentist can diagnose the problem in the early stages.

Brighter Smile: Personal habits, including drinking tea or coffee, tobacco consumption, or drinking beverages cause tooth staining. The proper tooth cleaning with a hygienist or dentist can work towards removing these stains.

Apart from removing the stains, dentists remove plaque and polish the teeth to give the beautiful shine.

Teeth Cleaning Costs

The cost of teeth cleaning varies. You can get the dental insurance that can cover the entire teeth cleaning, else you have to pay for the cost that incurs on the tooth cleaning.

Cost for the teeth cleaning cannot be determined as fixed. It depends upon the condition of your tooth and gums. If you do not clean your teeth with your dentist for a long time, it required to get the deep teeth cleaning that can increase the cost obviously.

How Frequently You Need to Get the Teeth Cleaning?

Actually, how often you should go for the teeth cleaning, depends upon the health of gums and teeth. In general, it is wise to visit your dentist once in a six month for cleaning your teeth. Getting the regular cleaning helps to expose gum disease and other oral diseases that can makes way to prevent your tooth decay or gum disease.

Dentist can recommend you to have the frequent cleaning, if you are at the risk of periodontal disease that can be related to the personal oral-hygiene practices, medical conditions and your age as well. Approaching a professional and experienced dentist can provide the tooth cleaning in a way which is not possible at routine home care practices.

The routine tooth cleaning and flossing with a dental visit not only protects your teeth from its decay, gum disease and tooth loss, but it also helps you smile confidently.

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