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How to mount a sink under a kitchen granite countertop

Everyone knows that kitchen is one of the important rooms in house. When it comes as how to mount a sink under a kitchen granite countertop then you can hire professional sink installers for correct sink installation. There are lots of different types of projects that can be done at varying levels of difficulty but one of the easiest ways is to install an under-mount sink.

Benefits of different kitchen sink mounting styles

Almost all granite countertops give a clean, modern look and is one of the durable way to complete the overall design of the kitchen. A part of the granite appeal in the kitchen comes from the use of an under mount sink rather than a sink that hangs from a rim. The sink will be attached from beneath the counter and comes with different mounting clips and adhesives. Make sure to give time for the adhesives to become hard to avoid sink get pull away from the counter.

There are several benefits of upgrading your kitchen with a under sink granite countertops. The classy latest finish helps to make the kitchen updates with new sink. A heavy duty sink with low gauge number helps to reduce the levels of noise and durable in nature.

Different types of mounts for a sink include surface mount , under-mount, modern free standing and apron style. Modern free-standing sinks looks more like a bowl with pedestal and often used in the absence of countertop and makes it less ideal for use with granite countertops.

On the other hand, apron sink often called as a farmhouse sink and it provides deep sink for cleaning. This is the most recommended sink for farmhouse kitchens. The rim is placed over the countertop that circumvents and prevents water runoff and harm cabinets and other kitchen area. These sinks rarely come with predrilled holes as they are placed around the cabinetry to ease removal and installation.

Granite countertop installation

The installation of sink under kitchen granite countertop   isn’t very complicated. Earlier, under mounted sink was installed from below and countertop is placed over it but this process requires pre-drilling holes in the counter to mount the faucet. But the latest models come with pre-drilled holes in the sink and this makes it easier to add the faucet without any drill.

If you are seeking a relocation to a new house and want to know as how to mount a sink under a kitchen granite countertops then consult granite company that offers reliable advice and service on the installation of the right type of sink.

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