Tips in Choosing the Best Designers That Offer Bespoke Shirts

Superb shirts are vital attires for every man. In fact, a shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man can ever own. For instance, you can dress your shirt down with a pair of jeans and a light sport coat, or you can pair it up with a full-blown suit and tie when going for more formal events. With shirts, it is simple. You only need to buy shirts that look and feel great on you and everything will fall in place. However, getting the right shirt has never been easy for many men. There are thousands of shirts sold in stores and online, with each shirt having a different combination of style, length and width, shape, appearance of the yoke and placket, stiffness of the cuffs and collar, and stiffness of each element. And because of this huge variety of options, finding the best shirt for your needs can be a really tricky undertaking.

Bespoke Shirts: Claiming Your Perfect Shirt

Bespoke shirts are the obvious solution to getting shirts that meet your needs and preferences perfectly. Custom-made shirts allow you to have absolute control over every aspect of your shirts and to get shirts that fit your body perfectly. Designed and tailored to your body type rather than to ordinary size formats, custom shirts fit better that just any shirts you can purchase from the racks. Moreover, with the growth of the internet, you no longer need to worry about where to get the best skilled designers for your shirt. There are many designers who can work with you without actually having you visiting their shops, allowing you to design and order your bespoke shirts remotely.

Tips for Choosing the Best Designers that Offer Bespoke Shirts

Most online bespoke shirt designers offer a huge selection of design features, fabric options and print types. But before choosing a designer for your bespoke shirts, you really need to first know exactly what you need. This includes knowing the number of pieces you need to order and whether you want to use the same design for all pieces or to have a custom design for every piece. It is also critical to know how soon you need your order so you can plan ahead for additional shipping costs, minimum order requirements, and delivery time. Here are some tips on how to choose the right designer for your bespoke shirts.

(a) Sleek and easy-to-navigate website: You need a bespoke shirt designer whose website will allow you to enjoy the design process and have no confusion when making your order. Remember, during design, you will need to choose what you want from dozens of designs and several swaths of fabrics of different patterns and colors. The process can be difficult if the website is jumbled up and hard-to-navigate.

(b) Huge selection of design options: The best bespoke shirt designers offer an almost overwhelming range of options. You should choose a designer offering plenty of collar styles, cuff styles and button options. The designer should also offer options for specific things you may be interested in, such as plain yoke or split, center pleats or side pleats, seamless, standard or concealed plackets, color buttons, and color button holes.

(c) Easy recording of your size options: The best designers of bespoke shirts usually provide 3 options for accurate recording of client sizes. Firstly, the clients can decide to run through the standard sizes provided on the designer website to choose the sizes they consider appropriate for their body types. Secondly, for more adventurous clients, the designers offer online trackers to be used in recording the size details. A client only needs to use a tape measure to determine his collar, waist, back, chest, hips, sleeve, biceps, armpits and cuffs and then to record these details through the online tracker. Thirdly, designers can allow their clients to provide the details of their current shirts so that the ordered shirts are customized according to those shirts. Make sure to choose a bespoke shirt designer who offers the option that will allow you to record your sizing accurately in order to get a perfectly fitting shirt.

(d) Print type options: The best designers offer print type options to clients who want to add images or logos to their bespoke shirts. The most common option is screen printing, but the best designers also offer digital printing and embroidery. In screen printing, stencils are used to create images on the shirts, but since each color must use a new screen, the process is slow and costly. On the contrary, digital printing allows the logos and images to be printed directly on the shirt, saving time and money. Embroidery is used for small images and logos.

(e) Quick turnaround and meticulous construction: The best designers keep their word. They design the shirts according to client choices and deliver the shirts in time. They also ensure that the shirts are accurately and naturally constructed according to the measurements provided by their clients, with good assembly, perfectly-shaped collars and cuffs, and superb sewing on the buttons.

(f) Reliable help and support: Custom shirt designers should offer excellent help and support to their clients. Since your design ideas and perspectives have to be translated into a tangible shirt, you should be able to contact the company easily when you have questions. Therefore, you need to choose a designer that offers a live chat feature, online help, email support and a comprehensive list of FAQs.

If you are looking for a shirt that meets your needs and tastes precisely, then you should use a custom shirt design service to create a new and exciting shirt. Choose the shirt designer carefully so you can get your desired quality and construction.

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