Importance of Social Media Consultants for Your Business and the Need for Genuine Likes & Followers

Some of the social media consultants in today’s world will make you believe that social media Likes and Follows are not that important. One thing you should understand in this scenario that your business page is the primary brand enhancing tool of your company. It needs attention and constant vigilance with clever strategies and techniques. So, even if a few social media consultants say that “Likes” have actually less impact on your business, you will come to know after reading this article that it’s a misconception!

Social media consultants will take the onus of reaching out to your targeted customers. They have the responsibility of establishing the brand presence of your Company online. Most business entrepreneurs are not aware of social media tips and tricks. They do not have the time to learn or understand the techniques that will steer their business to the next levels and so they outsource the task to professionals.

Some social media advisers often give you the impression that business page likes and followers do not matter. However, when you see likes and followers increasing on your business page, you feel good but at the same time you do not know exactly what to do with them. You also do not know how to download the statistical figures and break down the data to measure business performance success and progress obtained via social media.

More and more companies are now employing social media managers or taking advice from expert social consultants because social media does have a crucial impact on the growth of businesses across the world. It should be deployed well so that you reap the maximum benefits and returns from it with success.

When you contact skillful social media consultants, they will convince you that in addition to many other factors, social media is also very important for business in terms of generating lead and creating a strong follower base. Given below are some valid reasons as to why social media page likes and followers do matter -let us take a look at them:

  • You Are Doing Good- Likes are the positive sign that things are working out for you. Now, for the social media consultant, getting new likes may not be as encouraging as it is for you. Clients get a boost when they see the likes to their business page increasing.

In fact, most entrepreneurs believe social media consultants are hired for increasing likes and followers. Once the numbers increase clients are happy with their social media consultants and the next step ahead is planned.

  • Proof of Popularity- Some social media consultants may not agree with this fact, however increasing likes indicate popularity for the business. In fact, it is social proof that people have followed your page and liked it for its content.

For example, when you visit any company page and check its content, you will see the number of likes it has. A page with few likes will generate low interest. Again, if you see a company that has been newly established and has over 6K likes, this indicates that the likes might have been purchased.

Now, if you check a company existing on the social media for years with just a few hundred likes, you assume something is not right with the company. In short, just by looking at the number of Likes the company has, you are able to gauge the credit and goodwill of the business.

  • Fresh Hope- The moment you receive new likes for your company page, this infuses life into a stagnant audience. New likes are an indication of new hope because these likes and comments will highlight your business to new communities and people.
  • Better Online Exposure: New likes and followers also indicate improved exposure. Fans start identifying you and your products/services. New likes often come as friend recommendations on the side bar of social media portals. In short, new likes generate new business.
  • Turnover Rates- “Fan turnover” has been taught to us by Facebook and Edgerank. If fans are not active, they stop seeing updates. However, on Twitter, you can see all the tweets that have been posted. However, fans here “unfollow” too. In both ways, fans become inactive and this means low business and slow development.
  • Virtual Encouragement- New likes and followers indicate your page is being approved and appreciated by fans. Even if a business page reaches 200K likes, it means very little but at the same time you will get a major boost. Social “Likes” are a kind of social endorsement by fans that they really like your page.
  • Future Leap for Your Business: Last and not the least, if you wish to build an ever-lasting relationship with your business, social media likes are indispensable. It is important for you to keep your fans engaged. New likes means fresh celebrations and a platform for interaction.

This is the reason genuine social media marketing consultants emphasize that social media is important for business. It does bring in value and trust to a great extent. As a business owner you should also understand that pages with fake likes and followers will not generate goodwill. It is recommended you should NEVER purchase social media likes for your business. The social media statistics should be realistic to draw genuine and targeted traffic to your product or service.

The need of the hour is to depend on topnotch social media consultants who understand and utilize all the possibilities of social media for business promotion such as getting new Likes & Followers, active community participation, promotion through SEO blog content, conducting polls, announcing giveaways, instantly addressing the grievances etc.

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