Chlamydia From Kissing

You all are obviously thinking, what’s that chlamydia??Is it really dangerous??Is kissing cause that?? Chlamydia is basically common, asymptomatic, sexually transmitted diseases caused by the micro-organism called as Chlamydia trachomatis. It is most commonly spreading in the United Kingdom. Infectious people usually contain the chlamydia trachomatis in their semen and in the vaginal fluids.

Chlamydia transmission ways in humans

In humans there are many ways of chlamydia transmission. It may pass from one individual to the other through the infected vaginal secretion, semen. I never listed the saliva as one of its transmission media. Because chlamydia is a disease caused by bacteria which is absent in the human saliva. Care is necessary while utilizing sex toys securely. You can secure yourself from chlamydia by keeping yourself away from the infected secretions

It's vague whether the disease called as chlamydia spread from person to person by touching to someone else's private parts? The answer of this confusion is yes but only in that case if you touch the infected or symptomatic person private parts.  None of the individual able to be infected through kissing.  Even you never become symptomatic by sharing common use things like towels etc.


Following are the symptoms of chlamydia:

  • during urination process you may suffer from a burning sensation
  • Your vaginal secretions may become abnormal or may  have a smell
  • You will be able to feel the sore sensation near the genitals
  • You may suffer from swelling and pain on your genitals.
  •  You may experience a pain in your rectal region
  • You will be able to view the bleeding coming from the anal canal
  • Females may suffer from bleeding through vagina
  • New born baby have carry an infection of eye

If you are the one suffer from all or one symptom of the chlamydia, rush towards the doctor for its cure.

IT is a bacterial disease so; Chlamydia can be dealt effectively with anti-microbial drugs. NO, need of worry about chlamydia, because it is curable one through the treatment.


Medical Practitioners are in the favor that kissing is not the actual cause of chlamydia. Because it is a bacterial disease not a viral one. This bacterium is not present in the human saliva. So, kissing is considered safe and good. Many of the other diseases may be related to the kissing like herpes simplex etc. But chlamydia is not inter linked with kissing. They both are far away from each other. You just need to take no tension that you will get chlamydia through kissing. Because it’s just your opinion not the reality. Chlamydia causes is hidden in another thing that is nothing else but the semen and the vaginal fluid. According to the findings 75% of the women and 50% of the men are suffering from this disease called chlamydia. So, you have to be cautious while having sex. Because health is the basic blessing of God. Now it’s our obligation to take care of it by adopting preventive measures.


Following precautions will help you in reducing the chance of being infected

  • Always use the condoms during the intercourse. It will somehow prevent you from getting the disease.
  • Be limiting the numbers of your sexual partners. This will really takes you to the safe side.
  • Females are mostly advice to avoid douching, because it reduces the number of good bacteria and increase the chances of being infected.

Hope all the information, will give you some idea about chlamydia and gives you answer of your questions. You will be safe if you follow all the given instructions.

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