Free fonts for commercial use

Using new and different fonts to any number of design tasks makes the layout better than using the standard fonts everybody else is using. Using fresh, creative and cool looking fonts adds value to any design. It gives you a competitive edge other designers and suppliers do not have.

There are many for designers that design great looking fonts. You probably did not know this, but there are also thousands of free fonts for either private or commercial use available online.

And the free fonts has very high quality and great uniqueness that makes them very usable in logos, ads, flyers, web design, business cards and lots of other stuff too.

Getting fresh and creative fonts can be costly for any designer. Usually a font for commercial use costs $20-100, but free fonts are, well - free. And the fonts you can download online for commercial use is compatible with both Windows computers and Apple computers and design software. So what site has the biggest and best and most updated selection of free fonts for commercial use?

FontDaddy is an online archive of computer fonts, which are distributed for free under different licenses, including free for commercial use, or just free as it is called on the website. While there is no a universally accepted system for fonts classification, all the fonts at FontDaddy are good. (e.g. 3D fonts, Fancy fonts, Dingbats, Foreign fonts, Holiday fonts, Script fonts, etc.).

At, users can find the required font either by browsing the relevant font category, font name or by using the search system.

Every font is supplied with a font details page, where all the information about the font, including its author, type of license, visual characteristics, as well as a list of supported character maps are provided. It is also possible to preview the custom preview text displayed by any chosen font.

The chosen font or several fonts can be downloaded onto user's computer as a .zip archive file. To do this, a user clicks the “Download” button located on the right of the main screen. After unzipping the archive user can install the fonts on their local machines and software applications.

FontDaddy also contains real-time updated lists of top-rated and top-downloaded fonts.

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