The top 10 popular affiliate networks for bloggers

There are various affiliate networks in the world today and many people are making money with blogs and websites due to these networks. They all support different offers and products and have been instrumental in giving a big boost to the online marketing business.

The larger the affiliate partner network, the more brands you have to promote and make some money. Some of these have a referral program while the others don’t have. Below is a list of some popular networks that professional bloggers and webmaster use. If you are looking for an affiliate marketing network, you will have to choose the one that is popular and also represent many big brands and companies.

The shareASale

This is a good choice for those who blog about SEO, business, themes, marketing and other related titles. This makes it the best choice for both merchants and affiliate marketers. It is also good for those who want to increase sales and expand. They pay through Payoneer.

The commission junction

This affiliate network fits almost all niches. This enables most people to find business partners that fit their needs. This best suits products that are not digital. This network pays through direct deposits to some countries. It does not pay through PayPal.  It has a top notch marketing materials like banners, link rotator, and data feeds.

The avenge

This network has a collection of mobile and software-related applications. The commission structure is high. Most of the products have a free trial version. This network has no marketing tools. Payments are through PayPal.

The DigitalRiver

This is focused on products related to technology. Some of the programs include Roxio, Avast, Logitech, TechSmith, and Kapersky. They offer low commissions as compared to other networks. it has a program of lead generation and pays through PayPal.


This is a popular network to find any digital product that you want. Do your research before promoting any of these products. There are many products that can send off any of your users.

Rakuten Linkshare

This is the oldest affiliate network. They can rotate through different banners automatically. It has flexibility in deep linking to business owners to landing pages. This increases the customization of the campaigns you want to run. This a smaller network as compared to the others. The payments are unpredictable.


This network has the largest affiliate programs. It has products from more than 1milion sellers. This network has the easiest technology to use. You will have no problem getting up with the associates program. All products in this network can generate sales if they are bought through the Amazon link.

The linkshare

If you want to increase the online revenue, this network is a great option. They provide training for the new members. This includes on how to monetize and advertise the business online. There are monthly newsletters, webinars, videos and articles. This will help you to obtain enough skills in this network.

The viglink network

This network automatically leads to monetization of the ordinary links. It has technology that captures the value of content that can drive the commerce. When signing up, the network provides you with a code that you can add to your site. If the link is clicked and more visitors buy, you will be credited.


The network has a complicated process of analyzing and interviewing the affiliates. It will only affiliate very few applicants. As you become an affiliate you will benefit from internal ads, detailed reporting, landing pages, affiliate tools and network manager. This gives support to all the affiliates.

The above are some of the popular affiliate networks that can make you money if you are a blogger or a webmaster  that runs a website, forums or online facebook group  or have a following on twitter , Google + or social media. Good luck to your new journey. Please do let me know if you come across a good affiliate network in the comments section below

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