Importance of Commercial Range Maintenance

Cooking range is the most versatile equipment present in the commercial kitchens. They come in various sizes and various top configurations. Just like other kitchen equipment, commercial ranges also need regular maintenance to provide safe and efficient operations. And you should never hesitate in hiring commercial range repair services whenever your range shows any issue. Avoiding commercial range issues is not only unsafe but also expensive. It is always advisable to handle commercial range issues as soon as they come into notice. The more you delay, the more you aggravate the problem, and hence the more expensive it will become to get fixed.

Commercial Range Cleaning

Cleaning is the most important part of commercial range maintenance. You should never delay in cleaning the spills, liquids and other food from your range. This will avoid the food from getting baked on to the range top. Simply use a wet cloth and wipe. Yeah! But make sure that range top is cool when you clean it.

Whether your commercial range is electric or gas, you can remove the burners for cleaning. Use a wet cloth to wipe cast iron burners. If you think that your burner needs deeper cleaning, pour some soap in warm water and clean the burners. This solution can break down the grease accumulation. Once you are done with cleaning, properly install burners back to their normal positions, and test if they are working fine.

Scrap trays are also required to be cleaned. After cooking, use a scraper to clean food accumulation on the scrap tray. Make sure to do this throughout the day. This will not only help you in keeping your griddle surface hygienic, but it will also help you in avoiding the taste contamination between foods.

Hire Commercial Range Repair and Maintenance Services

It is not an easy task to look after the commercial kitchen and appliances. Commercial kitchen appliances are really very complicated. It requires deep knowledge and experience to maintain the commercial kitchen appliances in tip-top condition. Thus, you can hire commercial appliance repair services for regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial kitchen appliances.

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