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Safety tips for using band saw

Band saw is a professional equipment for the carpenter to make straight cuts, bias, rounded to the fretwork, etc so that, the carpenters and cabinetmakers greatly appreciate its usefulness. However, it is also dangerous as a result, it is necessary to take precautions for use and be very vigilant.

First of all, before you start using the saw, it is important for safety reasons to thoroughly check the stability of your machine on the floor or on the bench so, to avoid vibration of the saw during use, it must be secure, stow it so it can not fall down, whether on the ground or on the worktable. Then the user must use personal protective equipment, protective goggles to avoid the splinter projections (projections are common when using this saw to work on the wood), headphones or plugs for ears and possibly a protective suit.

Secondly, the blade must be properly tightened: it should not deflect more than 3 mm when pressed halfway along. In addition, the wheels (or bearings) must guide the touch while remaining free to rotate. To achieve this, one trick is to get in contact by inserting a very thin sheet of paper (bank note ...) and remove it after blocking. Then ensure that the running plane of the tape is perfectly vertical, otherwise the blade deviate and adjust as necessary alignment guides. A lot of tips and tricks referring to how to set up band saw blades are available on band saw reviews and guides.

Thirdly, you must always take the precaution to lock up position the saw by using the safety pin before setting up the workpiece. According to the machines, the holding vise is tightening fast, or more conventionally screws. For the special profile, please make jaws (tender pieces of wood or metal) specific for proper maintenance but do not tighten more than necessary, the cutting force is not large. Besides, you should support the ends of long pieces with maids (fixed media or roll) then close the control of the jack, if your machine is hydraulically lowering, or otherwise adjust the retaining spring to its maximum strength, free security and gradually reopen the cylinder down gently to let the saw. After the attack, proceed by trial and error to obtain the effective rate of descent, but not too fast: the saw block. If you have to cut several similar parts, do not touch the cylinder or adjusting the spring. Once accustomed to the operation of the saw, you can leave work alone, while staying nearby. This is particularly significant when large sections of long parts such as massive logs for the shooting.

Next, we have one more tip for you that band mill requires vigilance and attention so that do not use such a machine if you feel tired or need concentration and do not hesitate to ask a professional to do your timber cut if you do not feel safe.

Finally, if this is the first time, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional and scrupulously follow his advice and instructions of the machine because a circular saw is a tool that can be dangerous if you do not follow the safety instructions so, it is better to be concentrated before turning on your machine. Furthermore, because it is fast, you have to marry very carefully since, there are risks associated with the inertia of the blade and its decline. The continuous band saw to cut the wood itself nearly three minutes after his arrest and is potentially dangerous at that time.

In brief, the band saw is useful for many situations. However, do not forget the safety solution before, while and after using it.

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