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Factors to consider before buying granite countertops

Granite is a very hard material and is commonly and popularly used as countertop material. If you are planning to buy a new countertop, then please read this article.  In this article I am going to give some tips that every person who is planning to install new granite countertop in his kitchen as part of his attempt to remodel it or for a person who is constructing a new house.

Granite Countertop Color

Color of granite is dependent on the quarry from where the granite is obtained. It comes in numerous colors and shades like golden brown, vivid red, vibrant pink, deep purple etc. Even blue and black granites are available. If you have some special colors as your favorite, then it is better to go for some shades matching to your color preference. The theme of your house also has to be given due consideration while fixing the color for your counter top and while discussing with granite contractors.

Go for slabs

Another important aspect is whether to buy granite tiles or slabs for your countertops. Slabs are carved from quarries where there is great block of granite. Slabs have the advantage the color patterns and grains will be well defined and continuing without any breakage. Tiles are made from granite pieces that remain as left-over in quarries or other cutting centers. If you have enough budget it will be advisable to buy only granite slabs and reject the option of granite tiles. In addition, sometimes granite tiles may required to be joined together to cover some parts of the granite countertop.  In such places the grains will not be continuous and there can be some leveling problem also.

Granite Finish

How the finish of the countertop looks is of great importance. Granite is a material that shows different finishes based on the polishing method you use. There is mirror finish as well as honed finish. In mirror finish the depth of the material is enhanced. This finish gives a physically smooth surface that is easily cleanable. Honed finish gives a flat looking or muted appearance. This has a warm appearance than mirror finish. It shows fingerprint and gets easily stained. There are other finishes also known as flamed and burnished. These finishes make the surface rough with textures on it and it gives an ideal look for countertops. Express your concerns about the finish when you discuss with the granite contractors because he will be the best person to help you in making your dreams come true.

Granite Sealing

Sealants are used by granite contractors Durham NC for protecting the counter top surface from scratches and stains and therefore it is very important that you apply the recommenced sealants in the appropriate manner. Fortunately, it is not a difficult task at all. On the other hand, it is very easy to apply sealants to countertops. Most of them are either wipe-on or wipe-off type. As a general rule one can say that every countertop should be applied with sealants.  But there in exceptional cases also. That is when the color of the granite is very dark; there is no need to apply any sealants.

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