7 Awesome Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Your kitchen is the heart of your home because it is where you get delicious meals for your existence and heart to heart conversation with your loved ones. Having the same kitchen for years might make it monotonous for you, hence you should go for a kitchen remodel to keep your heart alive or at least do a lighting and countertop replacement to add newness.

Complete kitchen renovation can get quite expensive. Worry not as you can create a new kitchen or change its appearance with just simple remodeling. Here are the top ways through which you can get a brand new kitchen without spending a fortune.

Get A Paint Job Done

Believe it or not but repainting your kitchen walls, or even just the kitchen cabinets makes a huge difference. In fact your guest might also think that you got your whole kitchen renovated. You can get one wall painted in a cooking theme or a kitchen theme or get all your cabinets painted in a completely new and fresh color. Research says that blue color improves appetite, makes one happy when you look at it and is generally a cool color which makes the mood good. This will not be expensive, in fact you can also do the painting yourself and it will be very cheap.

Add Lighting

Installing lighting will bring in a pop of fresh appeal. Spotlights inside your glass cabinets or funky lights on the walls or the very fashionable hanging lights look great. If you have a small breakfast table, you can add hanging lights on top of it to attract attention to that spot and also makes the eating table more inviting. Spotlights inside your shelves and cabinets attract attention to your corning ware or vintage crockery.

Add A Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands add a great piece for visual appeal along with being useful. You will get extra space for food preparation and can also substitute it as a breakfast area or eating table where you can add stools for eating. It can also be converted into a small coffee place and a drinking bar. So you see a kitchen island with a durable countertop material has tons of uses and you can fix all of them into just one place. It is also a great place for tar storage as you can get cabinets or drawers installed underneath the island and use it to store your unused machinery or crockery.

The Hardware And The Faucet

Small things make a big difference in the long run and you might think that changing hardware can do to your kitchen. There are a lot of stylish hardware available in the market which instantly brightens and renews the kitchen. Get gold or brass handles for the cabinets, shelves and also the door. You can get a matching faucet of the same shade. Also installing hooks of gold shade to hang your pots and pans will save space and look great.

Add Storage Options

Adding storage spaces does a lot for your kitchen. You can add pull out cabinets in places besides the cabinets or even add racks to place pots, pans and plates on top of the stove or on a wall.

Add A Backsplash

A backsplash is great for adding a place of interest and an aesthetic appeal to the overall kitchen feel. You can go for a mixture of contemporary or modern designs and a mixture of colors.

Get A New Kitchen Countertop

A new countertop will instantly uplift your kitchen. The traditional countertops which include marble and granite are evergreen but also expensive. But there are so many low cost options available in the market nowadays. You can go for a concrete countertop which is affordable, comes in a variety of colors, patterns and designs and is also low maintenance and steel which matches all sorts of kitchen and is easy to clean and maintain and makes your kitchen look modern or a tile countertop which can give an artistic touch to your kitchen without emptying your pockets.

Still, most popular materials are quartz, granite and marble countertops. Additionally, if your budget is low, you can also select laminate countertops other than concrete. Contact a granite installer NC to get more ideas and quotes for different countertop materials.

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