5 Places In San Diego for the Perfect First Date

San Diego has endless places to impress your date - from great dining options, to cultural attractions, and lets not forget the amazing weather that you have year-round! A first date is the perfect chance to find out if two people are interested in the same things, see if there is chemistry, and if you both enjoy the same types of outings.

If you are struggling trying to pick the perfect spot for your first date in San Diego, check out these spots for an unforgettable evening:

Osteria Panevino For a Bite To Eat

There are very few who can say that they wouldn’t enjoy an authentic plate of Italian home-style pasta! Take your date to the best Italian cuisine in San Diego, where you will find a full-service bar, fresh bread from the bakery, delicious pasta and decadent desserts. The atmosphere has a beautiful, Tuscan farmhouse touch where it will immediately feel as if you’re walking through the hill towns of Firenze and or along the Tuscan Region! The friendly and knowledgeable staff add a personal touch to each guest’s time when visiting Osteria Panevino, guaranteeing a great overall dining experience!

Visit a San Diego Local Brewery

This is a fun way to see your date’s personal beer taste - do they enjoy a hoppy, bitter IPA? A pale ale? A lager? San Diego is recognized nationally for its amazing craft beer! With that being said, there are several breweries that would make for the perfect first date! From Ballast Point in Little Italy, or Stone in Liberty Station, to Mission brewery in East Village, if you want to have a fun first date, hitting a San Diego brewery is a must - Who knows, maybe you’ll find that the two of you are a match made in hoppy heaven!

Go On a Bike Ride

Take advantage of the perfect sunny day and visit the Coronado pier for a nice breeze and great bike ride! This will help break the ice for a first date, since the two of you will be able to admire the beautiful scenery all while staying active. You can also stop for a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants and cafes nearby to get to know each other!

Visit Osetra Fishhouse

Best seafood & fish house – What more could you ask for on a first date! Impress your date with the many choices provided, such as the hugely talked about Chilean Sea Bass, or their scallops that are seared to perfection! The wine tower is about 30 feet high above the bar, and has beautiful decor with its impressive angel wings. One can be sure that the bartender won’t let the wine glasses stay empty with their attentiveness and five-star service!

Enjoy a Movie at The New Cinepolis in Carmel Valley

The luxurious moviegoer will truly enjoy this first date – This is not your traditional movie theater! It includes an exquisite design, fine dining, cocktails and reclining seats to go along with catching a good movie. Located in Delmar in the Del Mar Highlands Town Center, this movie theater has been voted best movie theater in town for two straight years by the UT San Diego!

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