How to protect your legal rights after a car accident?

Car accidents can take place anywhere and happen to anyone. You need to safeguard your legal rights by visiting car accident attorney. These following steps will protect your legal rights:

What to do after car accident?

  1. Even if it is a minor accident, do not drive away from the scene.
  2. To prevent further accidents, keep the flares on. If the headlights are not working, keep a flashlight and use it until you get help.
  3. Inform the legal authorities, whether minor or major accident. A police report will help later when filing a claim with your insurance company, even if you are claiming for vehicle damage. The vehicle should not be moved from the accident scene unless it is interfering with traffic and police have arrived.
  4. When the legal authorities arrive, ensure you tell them in detail about the accident. Never guess or speculate. If you are questioned about your injury and you are not sure, say that you aren't sure. Do not say no. Most often, the injuries after a car accident are felt after a few hours of the collision. Also ensure that the details reported by the other person involved in an accident is accurate.
  5. Take photographs from your mobile phone or camera of the accident site. If you have visible injuries, take pictures too. Remember not to interfere with the police investigation. If you are unable to take pictures immediately, take it a bit later after the accident.
  6. The investigating officer will get information. In case the officer does not reach in time, then collect name, address and contact numbers of the person involved in an accident. Get details about insurance details of the vehicles involved. Get numbers of the witness and share this information with the police.
  7. Inform your insurance company about the car accident. Check if your insurance covers medical benefits. You will end up paying extra coverage for this type of insurance.
  8. Seek medical help after an accident. Many would feel the pain a day or later following the accident. Minor accidents can also lead to severe injuries. So, opt for medical help at your local emergency room or meet your family doctor.
  9. Maintain a file of all accident related documents. This can help you claim your settlement later. Keep the contact number of the witness, receipts of the damaged car, medical expenses, and others.
  10. A car accident lawyer can defend your legal rights and make sure that evidence is not destroyed. Many times, it has been seen that insurance companies want to record statements soon after the accident. Take legal advice before giving any such statement. Most lawyers work on a contingency fee, which mean there is no legal fee until you receive compensation.

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