7 Signs that you Need to have a Slate Roof Repair

If you wait too long before getting a roof repair, you could be setting it up for more problems in the long run and it will be both expensive and time consuming. Any homeowner would be horrified to find out that they need a roof repair, but it is still necessary to have it done. Fortunately, there are signs that you can watch out for before everything falls apart and they are pretty easy to spot.

Here are the things you need to watch out for:

Water Damage

Usually, people mistake the sign of a water damage for something else. If you start to see damp patches in your room’s upper floor, then it is understandable why you thought it was only that. Mildew and watermarks can also be caused by water coming in through the window, but do not be so quick to assume that since these signs could also be because you need roof replacement or repair.

When this happens, check your roof right away and don’t allow the damage to worsen.

Your slate tiles are already misaligned

Misaligned slate tiles may not be alarming during the dry season but doing nothing will lead to problems. You can have pest infestation and water penetration. When you detect missing or misaligned tiles, contact a slate roof repair company right away. It might be necessary to have the fasteners replaced.

Moisture in the attic area

Always watch out for any sign of moisture coming from the attic or rafters. When you have brittle or soft slate roof tiles, they will begin to absorb moisture that causes rotting and decay. As soon as you see this sign, you should take steps immediately before any further damage. The slate will come to a point when it has become too damaged for a repair and will need replacement.  It is advisable to contact a slate roofer right away to prevent a nightmare from happening.

Light coming through the roof

You need to get into the habit of turning out the upper room lights and looking up to check the roof. It is recommended to do this during sunset because there is still enough darkness inside without the lights on, but you can already see if there is light from outside coming through the roof.

If you see light from the roof, this could be an indication that there are holes and cracks in the roof. Do not neglect this and check your roof right away if you need to have it repaired, or if it needs a complete replacement.

Check for cracks

Even if slates are more long lasting when compared to others, they can still fall off and crack after some time and due to element exposure. Slate roof cracking normally happens in heritage tiles that have been poorly maintained. If you see some cracks on your slate tiles, seek help right away because there is still a chance that your roof can still be salvaged and save yourself from having to pay for a total replacement.

Tap the fallen tiles

Once you find a fallen tile, tap it quickly using your knuckle. If you hear a resonant sound, this only means that your roof slates are most likely still in good condition and all you need to worry about are the nails attaching the tiles to the roof. However, if they sound dull after you tap them, this means that you need to call your slate roofer team to get a complete inspection and find out which one needs to be repaired.

Algae starts to grow

Look at your roof’s color and see if there are dark spots or streaks. You might also see algae growth signs because moisture could be causing them and it indicates that your roof needs to be repaired or repaired.

You should always watch out for these signs so you know when to call a roofer cuyahoga falls to prevent yourself from spending more. Aside from that, it consumes a lot of time when these things happen especially if they begin to worsen. Save yourself from the nightmare and take note of all the signs mentioned above.

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