When it Comes to Dental Implants, Should You Choose Bridges or Dentures?

Decisions about your teeth are never easy, especially when it comes to replacing them. Repairing and replacing your teeth can cost a lot of money, so naturally you want to make the right decision. Typically, that begins with your dentist! But there's no shame in wanting to do a little reading up on the topic to make sure you're as knowledgeable as possible. Sometimes, the anchor is topped with one or many individual replacement teeth. Other times, your dentist will opt for a bridge that is either bonded to the posts, or screwed on.

Missing teeth or teeth that need to be replaced due to decay, damage, or infection can be replaced in a number of ways, all of them generally fall under one umbrella turn: dental implants. But there are a few different kinds of dental implants you should be aware of, and they all come with various advantages and, in some cases, disadvantages. Generally, dental implants are a permanent part of your mouth, anchored to your jawbone with strong material (like titanium). Once anchors are placed into your jaw, implants can be added in a number of ways.

So, Bridges or Dentures: What's the Difference?

A bridge isn't terribly hard to explain. In fact, it's all in the name. A dental bridge closes the gap between a missing tooth and a healthy tooth, and is supported by healthy natural teeth on either side. In most cases, a dental bridge is completed in the middle by a replacement tooth, which is usually a prosthetic made out of porcelain or some other composite. In order to attach the actual bridge to your healthy teeth, a crown is placed over the tooth. A dental crown is also fairly simple, it is a "cap" that is shaped like your tooth. It is placed over your tooth to help restore it's original size and shape, while improving its durability and appearance at the same time. A crown fully covers your tooth above the gumline. For this reason, crowns are a great solution for painlessly attaching a bridge to your natural teeth, while ensuring strength and longevity. Dentures, on the other hand are a little bit different. Dentures are intended to replace the entire top or lower arch of your mouth. Dentures are used to completely replace more than one teeth, and are most commonly turned to as a solution when many teeth need to be replaced.

Choosing one over the other often has a lot to do with your particular case. If you only need to fix a few teeth, or only have a few teeth missing -- a dental bridge is almost always preferred. On the other hand, if you many teeth need to be removed and replaced, your dentist might suggest a pair of dentures. For some patients, dental implants are also a solution. While dental implants are more expensive they tend to last longer than bridges or dentures.

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