8 Questions People Ask About Second Story Addition

Building a second story is one of the best house additions that you can invest in, with limitless possibilities and an almost 100% ROI. That said, the task itself is actually harder than it looks and that’s why you need a reliable home addition builder. Here is what you should know before you jump in.

How Expensive Is Adding An Additional Story To A Home?

The answer to that depends on a number of factors, most important of which is how big is floor span, the number of rooms you want, the height of the story and so on. Generally, you should set aside anywhere from $3000-$10,000 for such a project.

How Does This Cost Compare To Building Out & Not Up?

On average, the cost you will incur for building up will almost always be lower than building out, and that is because you are constructing on an already established foundation, so there is no need to lay the groundwork from scratch.

Is Your Home Built Strong Enough To Bear Extra Load?

This is one thing that you have to keep in mind when building up. In the above point, we brought up the fact that a second story will be built on top of the existing home foundation, but is that foundation strong enough to bear the load of another story? For this, it is a good idea to get a designer or architect involved.

What Is The Ideal Method Of Accessing The Upper Floor?

When your second story addition is complete, you will of course need an entryway. Somewhere through which people on the first floor inside the home can access the second floor. The solution comes in the form of a staircase, but its location depends on the layout of your home, and this is once again something a designer can guide you best about.

How High Should You Build The Ceiling On The New Floor?

Generally, the lower the ceiling, the less cost you will incur on your construction. However, there is a limit as to how low you can go as per regulations, so be sure to keep that in mind. Also, since you have low walls does not mean your house has to feel cramped. There are faux ceiling options that can give off the illusion that the roof is farther than it looks.

What Are Some Regulations That Need To Be Followed?

And that brings us to the rules and regulations that need to be followed when building up. The most important one is that for windows on this second story. You must make sure to equip them with a screen of some sort and build them a little bit higher from ground up so as to prevent slip and falls.

What Are The Chances Of Your Project Being Approved?

Every community has different rules and regulations in place when it comes to building up, and as long as you comply with all of them in a satisfactory manner, your home addition project will most likely be approved. Make sure to keep the safety of the residents in mind when building up, and that is why it is important to follow all fire and electric hazard precautionary measures.

Will I Need To Vacate My Home During Construction?

That once again depends on the scope of your addition project. If the construction is isolated to the above floor only, you can most likely continue residing in your home. That is, if you do not mind all the noise and dust.

And these are some of the questions that people ask before they invest time and money into building a second story above their existing construction. Now that you are aware of everything that is needed for the task, we hope that you will be able to plan better about how to proceed with said project on your own property. Keep in mind, however, that always go to home addition companies DC before putting your plan into action. This will not only help you iron out any inconsistencies to ensure that the plan goes as smoothly as possible, it will also help keep things within budget so that you do not end up in a tight spot if you run out of funds midway into the remodeling process.

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