A thorough HVAC maintenance guide for you

Studies suggest that maintaining your HVAC units regularly can reduce the energy costs by 40 percent. A proper checkup will help you spot the issues in the HVAC units. It is better to detect small issues earlier before they cause bigger problems. Once you detect the problem, you can hire a professional air conditioning service repair to help you repair your AC.

A HVAC maintenance guide for you

The following HVAC maintenance tips will not only reduce the energy costs and help you detect smaller issues in the unit, but it will also keep your AC unit running efficiently. Follow these tips to ensure that your AC unit is in its best shape.

Check the filters regularly

People often do not pay attention to the AC filters and leave them in for years. AC filters need to be changed at least once after every three months. An unclean filter will allow air pollutants into your house. These pollutants, such as dust, mold etc. can trigger your allergies.

Besides, nobody likes dust floating around their house. Therefore, cleaning the filters regularly is very important. It will ensure that no air pollutants enter your house and that you are breathing fresh air. Dirty filters will also reduce the efficiency and the lifespan of the AC unit. Your AC will have to work harder to ensure that your house is cooled, which will increase your electricity bills.

In case you have pets at home, your filters might need to be changed more often. If you invest in high quality filters, they may run longer without needing to be cleaned. Either way, checking the filters regularly is very important to improve your home’s air quality and make your AC unit run efficiently.

Clean the outside unit

Filters are not the only part of an AC that gather dust and debris. The outside AC units are just as important to clean. Sometimes debris gathers on top of the outside units, that reduces the AC’s SEER efficiency. Debris and build ups on the outside unit reduces the unit’s airflow which cause the AC to work extra hard to cool down the house.

This also increases your electricity bills as the AC runs longer to cool the house down. It is extremely important to clean the outside unit and make sure no debris or dust is gathering up. Make sure that you turn off the AC before you clean it. Wear a protective gear if you are cleaning it yourself. You can also hire a professional service team to clean the AC unit for you. They will be able to recognize even the smaller problems in your AC unit and fix them before they turn into bigger problems.

Clean the coils

The HVAC coils also play a major role in ensuring that your AC is running efficiently. They also make sure that the indoor air quality is good and reduce energy costs. However, this is only if they are clean. Dirty coils can cause more damage than good. They can reduce the efficiency of the AC unit, causes the AC to work twice has hard to cool the house and increases electricity bills. Therefore, clean coils are just as important in making sure that your AC works properly and for longer.


Follow the tips mentioned above to make sure that your HVAC unit is properly maintained. You can maintain it on your own or hire professional air conditioning companies Fairfax to clean your AC unit for you. A clean unit will ensure that your house’s air quality is good. Moreover, regular checkup will ensure all the smaller issues in the unit are fixed on time before they create bigger problems.

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