Central AC Repair – What You Should Know When Buying a Replacement

A new central AC unit is a huge ticket item, which plays an important role in how comfortable your home is. The lifespan of majority of HVAC systems is an average of ten to fourteen years, so you may count on going through this experience. Before you start shopping, here are the things you would want to know about central AC repair and when to get a replacement.

Know the Proper Size of Central AC

A mistake that most homeowners make is purchasing the unit that’s either too small or too big to cool their home efficiently. Unluckily, replacing your AC unit is not as simple as purchasing new, identical-sized AC unit, particularly if you have made any changes in your home like the replacement of the drafty windows, adding new rooms or installing new insulation. Experts recommend that you should have licensed HVAC technicians perform loads of calculation, which is the method of determining what size of AC unit your home requires before purchasing a new one. The load calculation determines the size and amount of air ducts your system has in place and ensure they’re in good working condition. The licensed HVAC experts offer free onsite consultation to evaluate the unique cooling needs of your home, regardless of where you purchase the AC unit.

Take care about AC maintenance

Purchasing new central AC system directly from an AC contractor usually offers substantial cost savings opportunity for the homeowners because contractors who purchase AC units for you will include markup in the equipment’s price. Nevertheless, the manufacturers tend to frown on direct buying because they don’t want the homeowners to install AC units on their own for the reason that there could be dangers that might be involved. Compressor is the most expensive and most important part of an AC. It’s what allows air conditioner to cool your home. Generally, there are 2 kinds of compressors and these include single stage and 2-stage. The single stage compressors run only on high speed, though the room needs less air to cool it, which result in higher electric bills. The 2-stage compressors cycle from low to high, usually operating on low, result in lower utility bills and consistent temperatures. For majority of homes, it’s best to get central AC system that has a 2-stage compressor. There are other things to know when looking for central AC replacement. If you think your system can still be repaired, search for the best AC contractor fairfax va near you to avoid costly expenses from buying a replacement.

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