Yearly Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Like every other mechanical device in our house, air conditioners get used only when required, but otherwise are ignored until there is a problem. Neglecting regular maintenance results in ac repair, reduced efficiency, which leads to higher bills and sometimes failure of parts. This is when we think of an AC service professional and pray that the bill is not too much. To increase the efficiency of your AC, maintain a yearly.

Air conditioner maintenance checklist:

  • Check the refrigerant level. If the coolant (Freon) is too high or low, it can affect the efficiency and longevity of the AC. In fact, a reduction of 10% can add up the operating cost by 20%.
  • Clean or change the air filters regularly. Dirty air filters can lead to airborne diseases and respiratory problems.
  • Clean and adjust ac thermostat levels. Dirt in the house can change the temperature readings. For every degree of lowered thermostat level, 8% energy is used.
  • Clean outdoor condenser and indoor evaporator coils. Dirty coils can reduce the efficiency and make the compressor run for a longer time.
  • The compressor is prone to debris, dirt, and leaves if it is placed close to shrubs and sun as it can affect the air flow.
  • Check the connections. Worn out wiring is prone to fire hazard. Change in connections can affect the voltage which can damage the AC.
  • Ensure that the unit cycles switch on and off correctly. The system when turned on should run a full cycle and shut down properly. Also look out for unusual noise or odors; indoor and outdoor temperature and pressure.
  • Clean the drain and tubes. Clogged drains do not allow moisture to leave the system. Accumulation of water can damage the unit and nearby parts. Excess water can also affect the indoor humidity.
  • Lubricate the moving parts as slow fan and motor can make the unit work more. New models have sealed parts that do not need to be oiled.
  • The blower and the fan motor should ensure the air moves freely. Limited airflow can decrease the efficiency by 15%.
  • Check for duct leakage which may not be a part of yearly maintenance. Yet, air leakage in the ductwork is considered to be one of the reasons for inefficiency in the AC and heating system. Ensure the ductwork is sealed and insulated in affected areas.

Hire ac repair technician

There are certain parts that need to be checked on a monthly basis, such as a furnace filter, outdoor condenser unit, air filter. The right time to call an ac technician for a yearly air conditioner maintenance check up is during spring or at least before winter season kicks in.

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