Tips to maintain your home air conditioner

Looking for a cooler summer, warmer winter and reduced bills? Well, it is time for you to get acquainted about your energy efficient cooling. If you are looking forward to a relaxed and happy stay at home and low operating costs, you have to ensure that the air conditioner does not stop working when you require it the most by following these simple tips.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

  • Clogged filters can stop the airflow and reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. The air filters need to be checked on a regular basis and change when it gets dirty. If you are using the air conditioner on a daily basis, clean the filters once in two months. This can reduce the energy consumption by at least 15%.
  • The evaporator coil and condenser coil can accumulate dust over a period of time. The dirt can hinder the airflow and not allow the evaporator coil to absorb heat. To avoid this problem, clean the evaporator coil before and after the summer season. The AC condenser coil outside and inside your home should be cleaned thoroughly. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris.
  • In order to keep the outdoor cooling unit cooler, plant trees or shrubs that will provide shade and let air flow freely around it. This will increase the efficiency of the system by 10%. If the bushes and shrubs are touching or nearing the cooling unit, trim the plants. A distance of at least 2 feet should be maintained between the air conditioner and the plants/ shrubs.
  • Check the drain lines outside your home. Ensure they are clean and water is flowing freely without any requirement for backing up.
  • Ensure that the lawn sprinklers are not falling on the condensing unit. The condenser should be cleaned with clean water. Do not use well water to clean it.
  • Home conditioner also requires a tune up every year so that it can function efficiently.
  • Appliances or electronic devices like lamps, televisions, should not be placed near the air conditioner's thermostat. These devices also emit heat which can make the air conditioner think that the room is warmer, making the air conditioner run longer.
  • Cover the windows with blinds or draperies during summer. It will keep the room cool and save energy.

Even after following these tips, your home still feels warmer, schedule a maintenance assessment. Whether it is a yearly tune up or repairing of your AC, the ac repair technician will fix your problem and also give tips on how to maintain your home air conditioner.

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