Stone Patio Installation – A Look At The Types

Stone patio could be seen in many bungalows and luxury apartments. The beauty of stone is simply unmatched to any other substances. This organic substance is perfect for developing patios. There are numerous designs to be carved with stone for the patios. The most amazing fact about stone is that it could easily coordinate with different types of architecture.

It is available in different texture and color shades. Stone could found as tiles, perfectly manufactured and cut in shape of standard dimensions along the thickness. They are also available as rough flagstone. The hardness is determined by the geological forces as well as the location from where the stones are collected. There is a particular type of sandstone that promises to scratch resistant like that of marble. However, the other types are considered to be highly fragile and could even get dented with fingernail.

Advantage of stone patio

Stones have the ability to absorb water easily. However, during cold season, water could expand while being in frozen state, resulting in cracking the stone. Non-porous stones are considered to be more durable since they could absorb less amount of water. These stones last longer while being placed outdoor. For patio designs, the non-porous stones are always recommended.

Flagstone – a very popular design option

Flagstone is considered to be a very popular option when it comes to stone patio design. Flagstones primarily refer to those types of natural stones (flat) being bought from the quarries. They could also be broken from one single piece in different shape, thickness, and size. Some of the common flagstone variants are bluestone, granite, quartzite, limestone, and sandstone.

Split-face or cleft-face flagstones feature a certain type of uneven surface that looks rustic and rough. There are also those hone-faced flagstones that promise to have a much refiner look. They are basically smoothened by machine. But still, this type of flagstone is considered to be rougher than tile or concrete.

Available in different color shades

The flagstones are available in different colors. The ones coming from different types of quarries exhibit different types of stones and hues. These types of color shades make the stone perfectly apt for outdoor patio foundation and paving purpose. They could be perfectly combined with coordinated outdoor pillows. This would make the patio look amazingly decorated. However, natural flagstones are more expensive in comparison to concrete or brick. Hire a reputed stone patio contractor to get the construction work carried out. LaGrass

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