How Does The Ice Maker On A Refrigerator Work?

The Ice maker is just like a separate appliance used for freezing the food items and other stuffs that you keep in the freezer of your refrigerator. Ice maker produces ice in every 1 to 2 hours.

If you are searching for the process regarding how an ice maker works?

Getting the ice begins with the water. There was a time when people had to fill the ice trays with water manually and then the ice maker starts working to freeze the water. It sounds quite haphazard, but now it has become all automatic.

Ice Making Cycle

  • The ice maker in your refrigerator is now equipped with the automatic solenoid water valve. This water valve is connected with a central circuit with the help of electrical wires. The circuit sends the current and it moves the solenoid that opens the valve. Ice maker energizes the water value which is situated behind the refrigerator.
  • The advanced refrigerators now are enabled with the water filtration systems that help in removing the contaminants from the water. Mold coating helps ice to slip and if it breaks down, the ice can jam and you need to employ the plastic ice cubes in your party. The valve is open for a few seconds that allows water to fill in the ice maker mold. The Ice mold has several connected cavities that have the curved shape.
  • When the mold is filled, machine waits for the water to freeze. The refrigerator has the cooling unit that does the actual work in freezing. The thermostat, which is provided in-built with the ice maker monitors the temperature of water in the mold.
  • When the temperature dips to a specified level, thermostat closes the switch. Closing this switch makes the current flow to the heating coil, which is placed below the ice maker. Heating the coil makes the ice mold warm that leads to loosening the ice cubes.
  • The icemaker’s motor is then activated with the help of electrical circuit. The motor rotates a gear which spins a plastic shaft. The shaft has ejector blades and when these blades revolve, it brings all the ice cubes to the ice maker.
  • After that, the plastic notches available with the ice maker push these cubes to the collection bin which is placed below the ice maker. The revolving shaft is available with a plastic cam. Before the cubes are thrown out of the ice maker, this cam catches the shut-off arm.
  • When the ice cubes have been ejected, arms fall down. When the arm reaches to its lowest resting position, it starts the circuit that starts another cycle.
  • If this arm does not go to its lowest position, may be due to the stacked-up cubes, the cycle is broken.

If the ice maker in your refrigerator is not working properly, you can hire a professional Ice Maker repair service company to ensure that it works properly and freezes the water in regular manner.

It is wise to contact a well established and reputed refrigerator service company that can troubleshoot the ice maker issues quickly and efficiently.

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