9 Unconventional Wedding Ideas

Wedding is the biggest day for the bride and the groom, and it is also the biggest party that they ever throw, and they spend lots of their money on wedding party rentals. So, if you want to make your party extremely fun and different so that everyone remembers it for a long time, below are some simple ideas for an unconventional wedding.

Wedding ideas to know

  1. Be Creative with Invitations

Invitation cards make an impression on the people you send it to. So, make sure you get creative with it and find unique ideas of invitation cards so that people get excited about your wedding that if the wedding card is such creative, how unique the wedding would be.

  1. Create a Lounge

Some guests might get tired of dancing and playing games and need a cozy place to flex themselves and rest for a while. For such guests, choose a place and make a lounge thereby adding comfy couches and chairs from the table and chair rentals for wedding parties and make your guests chill in the cozy lounge.

In this way, everyone in the party would stay in for a longer time. You can find a variety of unique and comfortable sofas and chairs from the table and chair rentals for wedding parties to choose for the resting lounge.

  1. Pre-Ceremony Drinks

No guest expects any starter or drinks prior to the start of the ceremony so, it would be a great idea to surprise them with some refreshing pre-ceremony drinks. But, make sure to serve light and non-alcoholic drinks to the guests to sip in. Also, keep the waiters active and tell them to collect the empty glasses and keep the place clean and tidy.

  1. Welcome Bags for the Guests

This could make your wedding party quite memorable and unique for the guests as they would definitely bring a gift for you but won’t be expecting one from you as well. Your guests would feel VIPs by this gesture. You can get the ideas of welcome bags from the wedding party rentals too.

  1. Serve Your Guests the Carnival Food

An amazing and quite interesting idea for an unconventional wedding is to serve your guests the carnival food. Fancy food is too mainstream so make your wedding unique by having some interesting and tasteful carnival food in the menu for the starters.

  1. Childcare Corner

This could be the best thing anyone could ever do in their wedding party. This would be a huge relief to the mothers who have little kids and have to keep an eye on them for every single minute. You can hire one or more babysitters and make a childcare corner where people can leave their kids there and enjoy the party without having the tension of their kids. Fill up the area with toys, snacks, games and portable DVDV player. You can also companies that provide table and chair rentals for wedding parties as they also have some comfy sofa sets.

  1. Colorful Bride Dress

Who says that you are not allowed to wear colors other than white on your wedding day? If you want an unconventional wedding then try to dress up differently than every other bride. You can get a dress having a white base with funky colors on it.

  1. Groom’s Suit

Give a twist of some vintage fun by wearing a cool suit rather than the traditional tuxedo worn by every other groom out there. Don’t forget to buy a matching vintage necktie or a bow to complete your perfect unconventional wedding look that might stun everyone at the wedding.

  1. Unique Wedding Venue

Couples usually want their wedding to be at the most luxurious place in a fascinating venue. But, when it comes to making your wedding an unconventional one then you should choose a unique wedding venue that everyone should remember for the rest of their lives. You can choose a farmhouse, a beach or tree house etc. You can take help from the table and chair rentals for wedding companies as they have lots of such venues on their list. Having an entirely different venue would make your guests’ mind blow up and they would have a great experience with lots of fun.

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