7 Secrets Architects And House Builder Would Not Tell You

Having to build your house is a long, hard process requiring many people like real estate agents, home remodeling architects, home builders and many more. There are certain things that your hired architects and builders don’t want you to know for their benefit.

Things to know about home remodeling

  1. House Wrap Is Not an Air Barrier

Most home remodeling architects have you include house wraps and tell you it will play a role of an air barrier, but it is not ever sealed that well. The real purpose of a house wrap is to protect your house and paint from bad weather such as rain. It’s a weather barrier not an air barrier.

  1. Most Architects Don’t Like Addition

Home addition is something architects wouldn’t recommend you do. They are probably scared of uncertain and unknown changes. They are conservative and they tend to not have any unnecessary conversation with you because everyone knows that client can request a change anytime. This syndrome is mostly found in the home remodeling architects who are a bit older because they like to stick to their traditional ways of doing work.

  1. Attic Ventilators Are Not a Feature

Builders and architects require good marketing skills that’s how they can sell you the dumbest and irrelevant stuff for your home improvement. Power attic vents are used to cool down your attic, sure but the cooling is provided by your air conditioner and is more effective than power attic vent. Your roof can get a little hot and it can warm up your attic, but it just sucks air from wherever it can find even your air-conditioned air which is bad because it is pulling the cool air out too. Have it removed or don’t install it altogether if you already have an air conditioner in your home addition list.

  1. Architects Can Be Lazy and Not Be Creative

A bad architect is one who lacks creativity. Architects need to be innovative and creative and should provide new ideas to their clients. These days they prefer convenience. They don’t care what new things should be introduced but get the job over with. They would tell you that they have used a method previously and sell you the idea. They find it convenient to have the old trusted brands and methods which is not a bad thing but sometimes this can be impractical and wouldn’t suit your style every time. You can tell them and give them specific instructions and direct them what you want to add to their decision so they can apply those directions accordingly. You have to be more creative than them.

  1. Not Making Your Fireplace Vented

Many people like their fireplace. Its cozy and keeps you warm. What people don’t know is how much harmful an unvented fireplace can be. Check yours and remove it or replace it if it’s not vented. To check whether it is vented or not, put your head in the fireplace and look up. If you see a hole it is vented otherwise it is not and you should replace it even if you have one in your built home. Ask your home builders to add ventilations to your fireplace because gas can spread inside your house and can be a cause of suffocation.

  1. Architects Don’t Have Time for Refinery

In the industry, time is the most expensive asset to buy. From builders to clients, time is something none of us has enough of. Architects, unfortunately, are also the victim of time. They don’t have time to refine the work they have put into your home. They will tell it is all good and pull out a big check but a last look for seeing if everything is in place is essential.

  1. Telling You to Pack Your House Too Tightly

Tight houses need mechanical ventilation. Houses that are sealed up tightly are prone to have bad indoor air, backdraft of combustible equipment and high humidity and chances of mold to occur. Tell your builders not to insulate your house too much and give it some space to breathe and have them install a mechanical ventilation.

Home remodeling architects for home addition washington dc can be a bit misleading and won’t put as much effort as you want them to. Choosing a trusted architect company that provide professionals to have plan your home is recommended.

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