What is the Real Cost of Stage and Dance Floor?

Typically, stage and dance floor is rented by the section. For indoor weddings, the famous choices are oak plank or wood parquet. Vinyl dance floors are also another option for indoors, which may come in all white, all black or checkerboard pattern. For the outdoor wedding, the most durable dance floors are highly recommended.

Dance floor rentals

The cost of stage and dance floors may depend on the number of guests and location of the wedding. Typical dance floors are cheap and affordable, but the specialized ones come with an expensive price tag. The kind of dance floor also varies in prices, yet you may get dance floors at around three hundred dollars or less.

What’s In It?

The cost must include the installation, delivery, breakdown, and pickup of the dance floor. It might not be the case often, so you must confirm it with your chosen vendor. Dance floor rental companies also offer general installation times and instructions. The dance floor must also come with edging. Even if the weekend rentals are common, the couples should also confirm with the company and inquire the rates for weekends. More often than not, the vendor would drop off rental by Fridays and pickup on Mondays.

Extra Fees Involved in Renting a Dance Floor

Majority of companies charge refundable damage waiver of ten percent of the total rental fees, which should be paid upfront. It protects rental companies in case of any broken or missing equipment. Liability insurance might be bought for extra cost. It’ll offer legal protection to the guests who have incurred some injuries while dancing on the dance floors and decide to file a case.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Dance Floor Rentals

In terms of dance floor rentals rockland county, consider the number of the couples who will dance. If you’re renting for an outdoor wedding event, take note that several companies will install a dance floor under the tents they have set up. If your dance floor will be located in the tent’s corner, the pole sections of the dance floor might be requested rather than regular sections. It can prevent injuries and would ensure that the dance floor seamlessly fits around the tent poles. Whenever you are comparing prices for the dance floors, majority of the companies offer various sizes, so always ask for quotes of a whole floor size instead of per section.

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