Can orthopedic doctors prescribe medicine?

Orthopedics is that branch of medical science that deals with musculoskeletal system and orthopedic surgeons generally make use of surgical and other methods to treat the problems associated with spine, degenerative diseases, sports injuries, congenital diseases etc. In addition to surgical methods orthopedic and spine specialist relies upon over the counter medicines to relieve swelling pain etc accompanying fractured bones, aging, degeneration, injured ligaments etc.

All you need to know about back pain

Managing the pain caused by surgical procedure is an important duty of a back pain specialist as it expedites the patient’s recovery.  Persistent severe pain often leads to depression and difficulty in sleeping. It also affects your ability to move around and engage in daily activities of life. These difficulties in turn can prolong the healing process, according to a back pain specialist.

Take drugs for pain management only after consulting your surgeon. When you are taking new medicines which you have not tried earlier, you have to be very cautious. Inform your doctor the details of all the medicines that are regularly consumed by you. Take special care to continue the medications as long as required by your doctor. Do not stop any of them seeing that your immediate symptoms have receded.

Avoid alcohol

Some people have the habit of drinking alcohol thinking that it will help them to forget or neglect the pain.  Alcohol may relax muscles, but it will never be able to relieve your pain.  Doctors are of the opinion that alcohol can only aggravate the problems than reduce them or relieve them.  It is a depressant and if continued it can make you addicted also. Alcohol decelerates the recovery process and hence has to be avoided completely during convalescence period.

Discuss with your orthopedic doctor

In this article I am only furnishing minimal information about different category of medicines advised by orthopedic and spine specialist to their patients.  All details regarding the medicines prescribed to a patient will be explained by the doctor or the pharmacist. They will explain the possible side effects of each medicine, its interaction with other medicines like herbals, vitamins etc.

A back pain specialist Woodbridge va is the apt person to decide which drug therapy will be beneficial for you.  Considering your specific needs your surgeon will custom design a therapeutic procedure suitable for your particular need.

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