Hip Surgeon: Do You Need One?

If you are suffering from pain in your waist area and you were informed that you are a good candidate from total hip replacement surgery or THRS, you have to ensure that a qualified hip surgeon will conduct your operation.

Dealing with hip pain can be extremely devastating and bring some serious impact on the overall quality of your life. There are plenty of solutions which can provide you some sort of minor or temporary relief from all the discomfort you need to endure and deal with on a regular basis. However, you have to remember that your surgeon will be able to save you from this pain and make it easier for you to move around with the least discomforts.

Don’t Hide Your Pain

One of the important things you have to do is avoid keeping the pain you feel all to yourself. You must never be ashamed of letting your doctor know about it. A lot of people have chosen to suffer in silence wherein they opt to cope with their pains on their own without any measurable success. When you wait for a longer time to get diagnosed and treated, it will also take longer for you to enjoy peace, not to mention that your condition might only worsen. There are instances when it is normal to feel some discomfort if you were doing strenuous activities such as exercising or running but it is a must to know when too much discomfort is no longer normal and will warrant a medical attention. What you can do best for yourself is to schedule an appointment with your surgeon who can provide you with several treatment options.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

If you are not yet ready to see a specialist for your pains, there are several symptoms you must watch out for. The symptom will indicate if there is something serious happening which must be treated right away. If you need help with your basic everyday activities such as walking, bathing, climbing stairs and getting in and out of your car, there is a chance that you need to see your surgeon right away. If you have troubles in performing your job, make sure you visit a specialist. If you need to resort to self medicating using pain pills just to sleep or function properly, a specialist must be consulted right away.

There are also instances when the discomfort and pain you feel is not necessarily felt in your hip but in other areas like your legs and thighs. In rare cases, you might even experience pain in your back and simply mistake this as some type of injury. Through getting the right diagnosis, you will also get the right and suitable treatment. This will help you save your money and save you from living in agony.

The kind of treatment you will receive will depend on the kind of injury you sustained. To know the severity of the injury, orthopedic surgeons mclean va will have to conduct a thorough examination and several X-rays, CTs and MRIs. Improve the quality of your life and have your condition treated right away.

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