Different types and styles of wedding tent rentals

When you plan to arrange wedding tent rentals for celebrating your or somebody else’s marriage make sure that you get assistance from an expert in these matters. The structure  of these tent rentals provide necessary shade, space and comfort to hold special functions like wedding  or other personal celebrations like birthday etc. Only professionals can help you really in wedding coordination activities like planning, and the setting up of the awning for the most glorious occasion in one’s life. The planning involves deciding on the number of guests, the size of the tent to accommodate the guests etc. Concern about the location is another important factor as dangling braches of trees and power lines has to be cleared before the putting up the tent and other facilities for the wedding function.

Frame tents

After finalizing these matters, the wedding planners can now concentrate on the style of the theme that suits the motif of the function and the affair mood the couple wishes to achieve. Traditional frame tents are available which are best for wedding receptions in the backyard. This structure is a freestanding one and the users can install sidewalls if they wish.   For smaller functions single freestanding structure can be used.  But when the number of participants is more, one will have to connect a couple of such structures to provide the required area.

High peaked tension

High peaked tension covers are another plausible solution for wedding tent rentals. They are well known for its stunning looks both in the inside as well as outside. This helps to create a romantic ambience. High quality versions with additional features like windows, design accents etc are also available.

Clear span tents

Experts recommend clear span tents for receptions where the number of guests is more.  These are sturdy awnings supported on strong poles throughout the perimeter of the structure.  As they are wide and almost open, the users get more options to add facilities or decorations as they desire.  As they are capable of resisting wind rain etc, they can be securely used in any geographical location.

Without a proper and safe cover, it will be difficult to celebrate a wedding reception.  So the wedding planners as well as the new couples have to be more careful, diligent and meticulous in selecting the best wedding tent rentals. For this it is always better to hire well known and well experienced awning planners who will be able to get the help of best tent rental services in your area.

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