What is a skillion patio?

Patios are perfect for outdoor entertainment and if you are looking for a patio installation that is useful and blends seamlessly into the architecture of your house, skillion patio is what you should go for. The skillion patio with solar roofing is the next answer to the flat patios that can turn hot quickly. The word 'skillion' means a type of roof used for the patio. These are primarily a flat roof having a pitch or slant to it. It means they are higher on one side and lower on the other side.

They are usually attached to the fascia below a gutter that is falling away from the roof supported by beams and posts. The rainwater from the roof is collected by the drain on the lower side and slowly drained out. It can also be used as a verandah, patio or carport.

Materials used for a skillion roof patio

It is generally made of metal (steel or aluminium) because of its light weight and durability. Sometimes these materials get a glossy finish underside in order to reflect light into the home, thus solving the problem of darkness. Even timber can be used to make the frame, but metal is the most popular.

Benefits of a skillion roof

The skillion patios are an extension of the home, thereby converting the unfeasible space into a striking and functional area. It can be showcased as freestanding in houses with alfresco kitchen that has become a modern way to cook and entertain outdoors. One can host barbecues under the skillion patio, it is a safe and sound place for children to play, a great place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with your partner. A skillion patio roof can add value to your home, and installing steel or powder coated aluminum roofs will help you select from a wide range of colors. You can buy skillion patios as assembly kits or custom-made for better insulation.

Skillion patios come in different designs, shapes and colors. The roof can be incorporated with a pergola, gable, or curved roof. The beams can extend from 5.4 meters to 8.4 meters. It can also withstand cyclonic conditions.

The modern insulated skillion roofs make it a long-term solution to face harsh summer and winter months. If looking for timber or metal skillion patio with some attractive designs at affordable prices, contact your nearest landscape company.

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