Pros and cons of sunroom patios

Sunrooms have been a popular addition to homes since the 60s. If you are planning to add a sunroom patio construction, consider the following pros and cons before deciding.

Sunroom patio

Multifaceted - The kitchen, bathroom, bedroom have defined roles, whereas sunrooms are multifaceted. Some use sunroom for reading while enjoying the sunlight and others use it for entertainment purpose. There are many who convert the sunroom into a greenhouse and decorate with seasonal plants.

Ample space and better view - The glass walls provide lots of sunlight to enter making the area bright and attractive. The transparent glasses allow us to see the surrounding greenery while enjoying a sip of coffee. A four-season sunroom patio will allow you to enjoy the rain, summer, winter morning amidst nature. It is a great place for family get together and also, for the entertainment area. You can also keep an eye on the children playing outside.

Energy efficient - If it is an open design, it will trap heat during the day, but in the night it can easily escape. In order to trap the heat, fully insulated sunroom patio is a must. Temperature fluctuation should also be kept in mind.

Resale value - Sunrooms are less expensive than custom-built sunrooms. In fact, a sunroom can retain 90% of their value. Adding an extra space to your house can increase the resale value, should you wish to sell the house. Remember the cost of your sunroom will depend on the quality, size and whether it is designed keeping all the four seasons in mind. A modern, fully insulated four season sunroom will add thousands of dollars while two-season sunroom will get you little resale value.

Expenditure - Whether it is all glass sunroom or wooden or masonry patio, it will involve some expenditure. A two season sunroom might cost a little less, but with weather proofing materials, the amount can skyrocket. If looking for remote controlled blinds and high ceiling, it will cost you more. The sunroom should blend into your existing structure. If a standard style does not work, then customization can prove to be expensive. In the case of extreme climate changes, extra insulation and the advanced window system are required.

Privacy and security - The open, transparent glasses definitely allow an ample amount of sunlight to enter, but it cannot stop people from peeping. Sunscreens can be the solution. Security is also a matter of concern. Motion sensors and alarms to detect broken glass is of utmost importance. Plan the space while constructing a house.

Hire a patio contractor

Never build a sunroom on an existing patio because it can be a hindrance to your outdoor activities. Hire a patio contractor for patio construction. Patio contractor knows how to build sunroom and patio. LaGrass

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