Types of commercial office cleaning services offered by professional commercial office cleaners

There are several reasons why companies nowadays usually outsource the cleaning duties to professional cleaning companies, mainly due to operational and costs reasons. This helps relieve them operational wise because they need not supervise that extra headcount. They need not monitor and inspect the in house cleaner’s work to ensure that he or she has performed all the duties properly or miss out any of the duties. In addition, they need not worry about staff stand-in in event of absenteeism due to regular or medical leave.   These operational issues are outsourced to the professional cleaning company who will reschedule and reshuffle their team-members. If need be, to ensure that your office cleaning is done as per your requested timings. Cost-wise, it is cheaper to outsource, as you need not incur related expenses on having a permanent headcount like annual leave, regulatory contribution and so on.

Other reasons include the professionalism and experience possessed by the commercial office cleaner in Singapore dispatched from the cleaning companies. As they are trained and have all the relevant equipment, tools and cleaning agents required for cleaning, they will ensure that your office is cleaned to the optimal level, without having any part of your office compromised. A certain level of quality is adhered and they will follow up if need be.

Commercial office cleaning services in all countries including Singapore includes janitorial, window cleaning and commercial floor cleaning. These services can be routine or non-routine, depending on the extent of clean up required by your company. The extent of clean-up largely depends on the usage and flow of traffic on the areas concerned. The janitorial services includes cleaning the floor carpet, tiles and grout, toilets, pantry and the reception areas. Professional cleaning companies use different equipment and cleaning tools to handle different cleaning tasks. They will ensure that these areas are sanitised and kept spick and span, so as to uphold your Company’s professional image. Window Cleaning includes high and low level, outdoor and indoor and sliding glass doors and partitions. Mirrors, glazed stairs and display areas are included as part of the window cleaning services as well. In order to have a more durable clean, some professional cleaner companies would ask you if you would like to opt for chemical glass coating. For floor cleaning, the services include sweeping and mopping the floor, scrubbing, refinishing, and removal of stains, colour restoration or restoration of damaged or scratched floor. For certain floor material like vinyl, marble, additional cleaning steps need to be undertaken.

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